Tucker’s New Episode on the Horrors in Ukraine – Partial Transcript Added


Tucker’s new episode deals with the horrors in Ukraine. The Western media and our administration are lying to us. Ukraine is losing badly, and they are running out of soldiers. This administration plans to send our military into the country. We are on the brink of a catastrophic war that could well destroy us.

Col. Douglas Macgregor said about 400,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed. Many in the Ukraine army surrender because they can’t fight any longer.

Biden’s administration won’t stop the killing.

Please watch:



“Pretty much everything NBC News and the NY Times tell you about the war in Ukraine is a lie. The Russian army is incompetent; they claim Ukraine is a democracy, Vladimir Putin is Hitler, and he’s trying to take over the world. Thankfully, the Ukrainians are winning.

“None of that is true. Every claim is false. The last one especially. The Ukrainian army is not winning. In fact, it’s losing badly. Ukraine is being destroyed. Its population is being slaughtered in lopsided battles with the technologically superior enemy or scattered by the millions to the rest of the globe.

“Ukraine is running out of soldiers; as that happens, the question will inevitably arise who’s going to replace them if the Ukrainians can’t beat Putin. Who will? The answer, of course, will be us. American troops will fight the Russian army in Eastern Europe, that’s most likely, and the assumption is we’ll win, but will we win?

“No, probably not, says former army Colonel Douglas McGregor, a decorated combat veteran who advised the Secretary of Defense in the last administration. The US says McGregor is on the brink of a catastrophic war that could very easily destroy us. Few Americans seem to understand that, but they should. Doug Macgregor is now the CEO of Our Country, Our Choice, and we sat down with him.”

Tucker asked him to describe the state of the war in Ukraine right now.


“That’s an important question, and not enough people have good answers. At this point, I think all of the lies that have been told for more than a year and a half about the Ukrainians winning, the Ukrainian cause is just, the Russians are evil, the Russians are incompetent, and all of that is collapsing. It’s collapsing because what’s happening on the battlefield is horrific.

“Ukrainians, now we think, have lost 400,000 men killed in battle. We were talking about three hundred, 350,000, a few months ago … in the last months of this supposed counter-offensive, which was to sweep the battlefield. They lost at least 400,000 killed. We don’t even know how many people have been wounded, but we know that probably upwards of 40 to 50,000 soldiers are amputees.

“We know the hospitals are full and we know that Ukrainian units at the platoon and company level, that’s with anywhere from 50 to 150 to 200 men, are in piecemeal fashion surrendering to the Russians, not because they don’t want to fight. It’s because they can’t fight anymore.

“They had so many wounded, they can’t evacuate them, and commanders are saying, ‘well, if I can’t evacuate my wounded, I’m going to surrender because otherwise, the wounded will die,’ and so they call the Russians, and they all speak Russian and tell them on the radio, ‘look I’ve got 50-60 wounded here. I’m going to surrender because I don’t want them to be killed.’ And the Russians, from the very beginning, have always treated the Ukrainian soldiers very fairly and very gently, so they know they’re not going to be abused or mistreated.

“They know they can actually be exchanged for Russian prisoners in the future, so they’ve surrendered. And I think we’re going to see this army that we’ve been spending so heavily on increasingly melt away.

“And at the same time, as we’re talking, if you look at this long banana-shaped strip of territory in southern Ukraine that the Russians control, if you go to the northeastern corner of that, south of the city called Kharkiv, there are major offensive operations taking place there right now. And Ukrainian forces are being swept away in front of the Russians.

“…again all of this, all of this happens in a way that is just not reported in the West, and in the meantime, rather than admit that this is a terrible tragedy that should be ended on humanitarian grounds if no other, that the killing should stop as President Trump said, ‘Stop the killing’, we’re going to continue, which puts the Russians in the unhappy position of marching further West because, from the very beginning, Putin and his advisers were never interested in a war with NATO or the United States.

“That’s why you’ve had such incrementalism – a slow grind of movement forward defensive operations for a long period to build up the force and then continued offensive operations. They have over 300,000 combat troops and reserves in Russia, and I think they’re sitting there and not being released to fight because President Putin anticipates the possibility that we will intervene in western Ukraine. And if we intervene in western Ukraine, the Russians will be ready for that, and the consequences for us and for NATO will be devastating because we are not ready.”

At about five minutes, he explains why we’re not ready to fight Russia, and it’s deeply concerning.  There has “been a steady decline in discipline.”

He went into depth on the U.S. basing things on race and pushing incompetents up the ranks. There’s “no easy fix,” and “they’ll become giant fissures if we go to war,” The Colonel said. We’re back “in the late 70s” and don’t know what “right looks like.” Since 2001, the actual fighting has been on a minor scale. They didn’t fight anyone who fought back. Americans – 87% – died in Afghanistan from explosives.

We also don’t have state-of-the-art equipment, and we aren’t replacing equipment with state-of-the-art equipment. He went into detail to explain. He gave one example – we still use a turbine engine in M1 tanks instead of diesel-electric.

The Russian war goals have changed dramatically since Minsk 2 was revealed to be a hoax. To end the war, Russia will minimally require most of Rump Ukraine to remain neutral.

He said Ukraine is more corrupt than Mexico. Fourteen million Ukrainians have left and will never go back. The agriculture corporations will want to get control, but the war will end with the complete destruction of Ukraine.

Col Macgregor described the people in charge and he didn’t have kind words for George W., who called President Zelensky ‘George Washington’. He didn’t have kind words for any of those in charge. The Colonel explained how much stronger Russia had become during this war and added again that about 400,000 Ukrainians died and 40,000 to 50,000 Russians died.

Ukrainians can’t defeat what Russians have built – intelligence, missiles [strike weapons], and so much more.

Russia has about 750,000 troops in or around Ukraine. Another one million-plus are on call because Putin and the Russians are convinced they will have to fight the US and its allies.

Macgregor described “the well-organized [Russian] machine “grinding everything up in front of it.”

Tucker asked Colonel Macgregor about our alleged space-age military technology. It’s apparently not all that.

The Colonel said that a lot of the equipment we sent is obsolete. It’s very old. We sent a few new items, but not much. He said, for instance, we sent 33 Patriot missiles. For every target, we need to shoot two missiles, which means that in a few days, 33 missiles will be gone.

He explained that Russia is preparing for a full-scale war with the West.

“I would expect up to 1.2 million [soldiers] and people are being called out of universities. People … now working the universities to become engineers, architects, mathematicians, whatever, they’re being pulled out, putting on uniforms, and ready, because again our intransigence, our demonstrated hatred and hostility for Moscow and for Russia has convinced the Russian people, as well as the leadership in Moscow that they are going to have to fight us and anyone who is allied with us. So they’re preparing for that eventuality.

“That’s why it’s so important that we have to wake up and understand what we’ve done has backfired. Whatever we set out to achieve has failed… what we need to do now is stop this and come to a settlement that we may not like, but it needs to happen, and soon, before this thing is out of control.

“Eventually, keep this up, and within the next 6-8 months, you’ll see hundreds of thousands of Russian troops on the Polish border. That is not what we set out to achieve.”

As Col. Macgregor said, Mitch McConnell is up on the Hill lying about the state of the war and the US capabilities. All of the precision we once had over Russia and China is lost. Anything we can do, they can do. The money given to the military is wasted. We send money to the industry, and they send it to PACS, and that money goes to DC.

We left $80 billion in equipment in Afghanistan, and now it’s showing up in Mexico and all over the globe.

He also explained how top-heavy our military is. It’s stunning and starts at about 30 minutes. The weakness of our military took up several minutes. It’s very troubling.

They discussed Chris Christie pushing for more war and more money for Ukraine, and showed a clip of his ridiculous statements.

They also talked about the Uniparty and the worthlessness of the swamp. He sees nothing good coming from any candidates.

Tucker played the clip of a lunatic at 47 minutes pushing for the full liberation of Ukraine. The person is an American leftist male dressed as a woman, serving as a spokesperson for Ukraine. Tucker said it’s a convergence of every ugly anti-human trend in modern…

Macgregor said about 60,000 Ukrainian children have vanished and told us to think of all the women sold into prostitution. You might want to watch the last few minutes.


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