Tucker’s outstanding monologue on the state of rioting/looting


The Mayor and Governor of New York have not controlled New York City. Governor Andrew Cuomo complains but does nothing while Mayor de Blasio tells the world the city is “fully under control” and “calm and peaceful.” De Blasio rejected the help of the National Guard as did Ralph Blackface Northam of Virginia.

In Raleigh, North Carolina the mayor won’t allow the police to do their jobs because she won’t put them in danger. If that’s the case, maybe we don’t need police after all. If they’re just going to stand around, why waste the money? For that matter, what do we need the politicians for if they won’t do anything? Much of the problem is the evil media. Everyone is worried about what the media will say.

Mayor Frey of Minneapolis said much the same thing and Governor Walz is just as bad. Walz’ daughter is tweeting out information to rioters and de Blasio’s daughter participated in the riots.

These people don’t believe in enforcement. They can’t keep us well or safe, as Tucker says in the first clip below.

Our leaders allow anarchy and don’t complain about the rioters. They rant about how much we deserve it because somehow we caused this. Like Tucker, I’ve never been to Minneapolis and never harmed George Floyd or any black person for that matter. I won’t be held to account.

The police acted badly, the tape of Mr. Floyd’s death is horrible, and the prosecutor acted quickly, within four days. There is no need for any of this as Victor Davis Hanson says in the second clip.

Politicians are either silent because the rioters are their voting base or because they feel they have to pretend their traumatized by the death of a man they don’t know.

This will destroy our country if we let it. No more pandering, no more tribalism and identity politics, no more guilt trips. We are all one people and the enemy is at our gate and within. Speak up and stand up. Watch the two clips. The first clip is 26 minutes and the second is brief.



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