Tulsi Gabbard: There Is No Turning Back


The Biden regime’s weaponization of the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS, and the security state overall against Americans is now obvious. Tulsi Gabbard, an honest liberal Democrat, did an excellent job of describing the situation on Friday as she hosted Tucker Carlson’s show. As she pointed out, there is no turning back.

“The FBI’s raid on Mar-A-Lago was a major escalation of the weaponization of the security state on the American public,” said Gabbard on Friday. “It’s about to get much worse because right here before the midterms, we are seeing these entities being politicized and weaponized.”

“Whatever your views are on Donald Trump, there is no denying that the unprecedented raid on his Palm Beach home earlier this week has set our country on a dangerous new course, and there’s no turning back,” said Gabbard. “The FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago changed the country that we grew up, and we grew up believing that, hey, our government will apply the law equally to all Americans, whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat. We’re seeing more and more that that country no longer exists.”

After playing a clip of Garland condemning the condemnations of the raid, Gabbard said, “So you are not allowed to disagree with the FBI. That is the new message.”

“The security state will label you an extremist for daring to challenge or disagree with the regime’s weaponization of law enforcement,” said Gabbard to lead in to a clip of MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Democrat Tim Ryan trashing Republicans as “extremists.”


She also spoke with Brian Kilmeade before she hosted on Friday.

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