Turns Out John Delaney’s Not Moderate Either


All the Democrats are far-left. I have to take back what I said about John Delaney being a moderate and go back to my original assessment — he’s a far-left totalitarian like the rest of them.

I didn’t know about his $4 trillion climate change plan when I said he was moderate. He wants to mandate one to two years of service and have kids going around installing solar panels.

His climate corps would work in poor neighborhoods to get them off fossil fuels. That is guaranteed to make the poor poorer.

He also has a $2 trillion infrastructure project with funding coming from state and federal taxpayers.

Delaney also wants Universal Health Care and he wants to get rid of employer-sponsored healthcare.

All of his plans cost trillions and they are all pie-in-the-sky. He sees everything through a climate prism which is bound to make his programs far more expensive than they need to be.

Keep in mind we owe $23 trillion and he’s an allegedly moderate Democrat.

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