Twice Dems Voted Against Paying Federal Workers During the Shutdown


Rep. Crenshaw and his wife

Last week and today, Democrats voted against a measure that would pay federal workers during the partial shutdown. Republicans brought the bill to the floor. Democrats want Americans to suffer so they blame President Trump.

Six Democrats broke with leadership and voted with Republicans last week, and ten this week.

Did you even know this happened? I doubt it. The media is barely reporting it.

Rep. Crenshaw reported it last week and every Republican should have been tweeting. Crenshaw wrote on Twitter: “Last week, House GOP voted to pay federal employees their 1st paycheck of 2019, despite the shutdown. Only 6 Dems voted with us. It failed. Dem priority is not paying workers or opening gov’t. It is opposing Trump.”

He linked to the roll call on January 17.

The bill was brought back up Wednesday and failed 200 to 215, but now there are ten Democrats who broke with Pelosi. The point is Democrats want federal workers to suffer so they can hurt President Trump.

Some Democrats are pressuring Pelosi.

“Give Trump the money,” Minnesota Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson said on local radio Tuesday. “I’d give him the whole thing…and put strings on it so you make sure he puts the wall where it needs to be. Why are we fighting over this? We’re going to build that wall anyway, at some time.”

These Democrats only care about trying to make Trump look bad. All they have to do is fund some of the border wall, add technology and beds, and hire more border agents. Then the government can reopen. Just do it!

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