Two Men Arrested for Attacks on Washington Substations


Authorities arrested and charged Matthew Greenwood and Jeremy Crahan for vandalizing Washington state’s power grid on Christmas Day.

Greenwood and Crahan face two charges: conspiracy to damage energy facilities and possession of unregistered firearms. They face up to twenty years in federal prison for vandalism. Greenwood faces another ten years for gun charges.

Greenwood and Crahan

They weren’t your usual terrorists or Antifa. They are common burglars who wanted to knock out power, so they could rob a cash register in an unnamed business.

“We have seen attacks such as these increase in Western Washington and throughout the country and must treat each incident seriously,” Seattle U.S. Attorney Nick Brown said in a news release. “The outages on Christmas left thousands in the dark and cold and put some who need power for medical devices at extreme risk.”

The complaint says the two men “went to a local business, CRAHAN drilled out a lock, and GREENWOOD entered to steal from the cash register.”

The crime left 15,000 people without power.

Surveillance cameras caught the two men at the Elk Plain substation. The FBI could not identify the men.

So, the FBI examined cell phone records. The investigation found “two phones in the vicinity” of the four stations “at the time of the attacks.”

The authorities also found that Crahan is a “registered owner of a 1990 Dodge pickup truck” in Washington.

They allege that type of car is also in the surveillance video.

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Reader mostly
Reader mostly
10 months ago

Lots of media jumped on this story saying this was a plot to sabotage infrastructure. Was it it antifa? Was it supremacists? Turns out mainstream media was clueless yet again.