WHO might be helping Biden ‘cure’ COV victims


The CCP-tied WHO, World Health Organization, that Anthony Fauci admires so, changed the criteria to determine who has Coronavirus. They did it on Inauguration Day. It was somewhat in-your-face.

The increased testing, demanded by screeching Democrats, had caused the numbers of alleged virus victims to grow enormously under President Trump. No one talked about the many, many false positives. The WHO changed that on Inauguration Day by now requiring patients who come out positive to take a second test.

On Inauguration Day, the W.H.O. issued the new directives for the commonly used PCR testing in the form of a “medical product alert,” indicating that a patient who comes out positive may need to take a second test and present symptoms to be considered infected.

The next day, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease expert in the U.S. government, revealed that his new boss, Biden, had signed a letter to rejoin the organization.

We will see if that greatly reduces the numbers of positive cases and by how much:

The WHO is an irredeemably corrupt organization:

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