Tyranny! Congressmen’s bill to ban states from passing pro-life bills


Democrats love third-trimester abortions and infanticide. That is what they want and demand for all of us. They have made that clear. They cheer the passage of such bills. As states pass or try to pass brutal abortion laws, totalitarian Democrats have found a way to keep other states from passing pro-life bills.

Democrats are actually planning to introduce legislation that would do just that — ban states from passing pro-life bills. The bill is titled the “Women’s Health Protection Act.” It’s sponsored by Sen. Blumenthal and Rep. Chu.

As usual, it has nothing to do with a woman’s health, and everything to do with killing a fully-developed and viable baby, even if it’s only for convenience sake. A woman in the third-trimester has to give birth no matter what and abortion does nothing for her health. In fact, it’s more dangerous.

In the wake of recent victories for the pro-life movement in multiple states, Democratic lawmakers in Washington, D.C., introduced the bill Thursday to hamstring states’ abilities to enact pro-life legislation.

Blumenthal and Chu’s bill would prohibit states from enacting a laundry list of abortion restrictions while invalidating laws that already exist.

Chu and Blumenthal have introduced versions of the bill in previous Congresses. The pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Rights’ summary of a previous version of the legislation bills it as “a federal legislative response designed to fight back” against state-level abortion laws.

“Our bill finally puts a stop to the state-based attacks that anti-abortion advocates have been trying …

They will do anything to kill the unborn.

Stacey Abrams sees abortion as a substitute for birth control. She thinks wanting to protect the unborn is “abominable and evil.” Pro-life is “bad for business,” she says.

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