White hatred taught officially in New York City schools & across the nation


The new Klu Klux Klan is coming for us, but they’re not wearing white robes. They hide behind the robes of school chancellors. They aren’t burning crosses, they are burning down the educational system. The hate and division is still the same, only it’s against whiteness this time.

Carranza and Commie Bill

The New York Post reports that at least four top executives of the city’s Department of Education (DOE) have been demoted or stripped of responsibilities. It has taken place in “an environment which is hostile to whites.” The four women, who are white, veteran administrators, are filing suit against the city. They claim they were pushed aside for less qualified people of color.

Whiteness has become toxic under Richard Carranza, the New York City schools chancellor, according to the Post article.

“These decisions are being made because DOE leadership believes that skin color plays a role in how to get equity — that white people can’t convey the message. There’s a toxic whiteness concept going on,” said a source who is in the know about the complaints.

Sources say that under Carranza’s leadership, whites are often being told they must “give up power or lose responsibilities, no matter how well they have performed.”


More details have emerged about the vile “racial equality” training in the New York City schools. This began with bigot Richard Carranza’s arrival as schools chancellor.

Workshops that teachers and staff are required to attend are telling them to focus on black children, regardless of their socio-economic status, according to a New York Post report.

“If I had a poor white male student and I had a middle-class black boy, I would actually put my equitable strategies and interventions into that middle-class black boy because over the course of his lifetime he will have less access and less opportunities than that poor white boy,” training consultant Darnisa Amante said as reported by those in the room.

“That’s what racial equity is,” she said.

No, that’s what stereotyping and bias are. We believe in equality, not equity and disparate impact.

A Jewish superintendent in the training was reportedly “scolded and humiliated” after describing her family’s Holocaust tragedies. The Post reported:

One Jewish superintendent shared stories about her grandmother Malka who told of bombs falling in Lodz, Poland, and running from the Nazis in the wee hours by packing up her four children and hiding in the forest, and her grandfather Naftali, who spent nearly six years in a labor and concentration camp, where he witnessed the brutal execution of his mother and sister.

“My grandparents taught me to understand the dangers of ‘targeted racism’ or the exclusion of any group, and the importance of equity for all people. This is my core value as an educator,” the superintendent told colleagues.

“At the break, I stood up and, to my surprise, I was verbally attacked by a black superintendent in front of my colleagues. She said ‘This is not about being Jewish! It’s about black and brown boys of color only. You better check yourself.’”

“I was traumatized,” the Jewish educator said. “It was like 1939 all over again. I couldn’t believe this could happen to me in NYC!”

“It’s completely absurd — they want to treat black students as victims and punish white students. That defeats the purpose of what bias awareness training should be,” said Mona Davids, president of the NYC Parents Union, who is black.


To make matters worse, this garbage is being used in districts all over the nation.

According to a department spokesman, Will Mantell, this training is used all over the country. “Anti-bias and equity trainings are about creating high expectations and improving outcomes for all of our students. These trainings are used across the country because they help kids, and out-of-context quotes and anonymous allegations just distract from this important work,” he said in a statement.

The “anti-bias” training cost $23-million dollars and has elicited strong reactions from administrators, teachers, and parents, according to the Post, who say that certain elements are ugly and divisive.

The Post reported that a Manhattan middle school teacher said the training “is a catalyst for hate and division.” She said, “I have colleagues who won’t participate during ‘Courageous Conversations’ (the title for implicit-bias workshops) because they don’t feel safe.”

She said that training phrases like “replacement thinking” and the disdain for “whiteness” is disturbing.



  1. This is simply officially targeted racism and is what is to be expected when minorities and progressives get into power.

  2. And what does this teach students who are minorities? That they can’t achieve anything unless Whitey is taken out of the picture? Let’s look at the real picture and of course people of color have made great achievement and major contributions to society over the years but look at the numbers. A former colleague who was Hispanic was always talking up Spanish this and Spanish that, not talking up Spain but rather the Mexican, Central American and South American people all the while running down White people. I finally got tired of his BS and asked him what noteworthy accomplishments in society, in the world have the Spanish people he was taking about have ever made. The next day he answered with; A lot of Spanish people are NASA engineers. “That’s true,” I told him, “but what major accomplishments have been made? Many Blacks have made contributions. George Washington Carver and Charles R. Drew come to mind. But what great accomplishments for mankind have Hispanics made?” Blacks never made these achievements until they came to America by whatever means. Nobody from the 3rd world has. It was the Europeans and those from a couple Asian countries who were the builders. In America everybody has an opportunity to achieve but it will never happen if this stupidity keeps up. No, White people should not be hated because they are the achievers and that is what this is all about. It’s greed and envy, pure and simple White people are not in the way of minorities having a better life, minorities are blocking themselves from that. White hatred is just the excuse for their failure.

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