U Mass witch hunt against a Jewish student who supports Israel & Trump


According to author Abu Yehuda, Louis Shenker was a student at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMass). He is Jewish and a thought criminal who is conservative and supports Israel and Donald Trump.

Those are several thought crimes right there.

A teacher at the school targeted him and mashalled the forces against him at this ultra-left university. They maligned him for his Trump hat at marches and in-their-face-style conservatism.

He committed no crimes except the thought crimes, but only the left can be visible.

His problems began in December 2018 when he marched for Trump wearing a MAGA hat. He was roughed up and a graduate student named Barucha Peller grabbed his hat.

Later he had a class with her but she didn’t remember him without his hat.

You can read the story here, but to make it short, he sued the university in an attempt to get them to hold an anti-Israel event off campus. He lost the lawsuit. He was active on Twitter and had a podcast. This made him an irritant to the university leftists and Barucha Peller. She recognized him with his hat at yet another anti-Israel event and decided he was a dangerous Zionist, white nationalist, and Trumpist.

Antifa Network?

An Antifa network put out a petition against him. [Imagine allowing an Antifa network at a university. Sadly, they have chapters on campuses, and even in some high schools, throughout the nation.]

Peller tried to get him arrested for stalking and attacking her, but it was actually the opposite, she was stalking him, according to the author.

Peller, some graduate students, and faculty conspired and laid a trap for him. He ended up being expelled for not taking his exams after they terrorized him off campus. For example, Peller posted signs — hundreds in fact — everywhere depicting him as a white supremacist.

Now the university faces a $27 million dollar lawsuit.

Pay up!

The author writes, This was a criminal conspiracy to deny this young man a future, aided and abetted by a major university. To quote Justice Clarence Thomas in another context, this was a “high-tech lynching.”

The story is worth reading, far better than my summary, but I ask you, are you surprised? The lunatics are running things and only a Louis here-and-there is standing up to them, if this story is fully accurate.

One thing we do know for sure is only the left can be aggressive. In fact, they can malign, loot, burn things down, but it’s a one-way street. They want to completely disarm the opposition.

Leftists ruin everything they touch — everything.

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