U of C Freshman’s Discoveries That May Shock You


The University of Chicago Library, credit, Thinker Chicago

Daniel Schmidt, who just completed his Freshman year at the University of Chicago, recently made news for asking a tough question of The Atlantic’s Anne Applebaum.

Schmidt, a senior editor at Thinker Chicago, a conservative school paper, also posted a Twitter thread that could begin to explain the dreary direction we’re headed in as a nation.

The Thread

I just finished my freshman year at an elite university that costs $80,000 annually (University of Chicago). The students at a school like this are future politicians, billionaires, etc. Here are 5 observations I made this past year about them that may shock you:

1. A staggeringly high number of them are LGBT+. I’m talking 20% to 30%. Don’t believe me? At Yale, 23% of freshmen identify as LGBT+.

Schmidt linked to gaystarnews.com which reports that more say they’re LGBT than conservative. The Yale Daily News conducted the survey, Class 2022 by the Numbers, polling 864 of the 1,578 new students. Only 76% identified as heterosexual while 23% identified as having various genders that don’t even exist, in the Sentinel’s opinion.

I have no reason to believe it’s any different at other elite universities. So why are so many “high-performing” students LGBT+? Nationally, only around 7% of adults are LGBT+, he wrote, linking to the pertinent Gallup survey.

2. They are scarily obedient to even the most illogical demands. An anecdote: The administration had just ended the mask mandate for students. The next day, one of my professors exclaimed that everyone should still be wearing masks because we are still in a “pandemic.”

Without hesitation, every single student around me, who all came into class not wearing a mask, automatically put a mask on their face. The whole scene felt incredibly creepy and robotic. I ended up being the only student in the room who wasn’t wearing a mask.

Keep in mind: These are kids who scored perfect scores on the SAT, won math olympiad competitions, and likely have IQs way above average. And yet they quietly obey demands that any sane person would laugh at.

Whatever happened to the youth being rebellious? Why is it that kids at state schools—who likely had imperfect test scores and grades in high school—appear much freer, and like real human beings?

3. I have not met a single middle-class white kid. By white, I mean of European ancestry. Every white kid I know is either low-income, like myself, or extremely wealthy.

Every time I do meet a white kid who appears to be middle-class, I shortly learn they are actually Hispanic and marked Hispanic on their college application, giving them significant help via affirmative action.

It seems it’s virtually impossible to get into an elite university as a middle-class white kid unless the kid has an extremely prodigal ability. The standards for all other economic classes are way lower.

4. Most self-described conservative students are spineless and hardly even conservative. They would never dare speak honestly about January 6, or criticize mass immigration, or be vocally opposed to anti-white sentiment.

They would rather write about trite political philosophy to appear smart and look good on a resume for Yale Law School than use the unique and powerful opportunities an elite university gives them to challenge the regime.

5. Most students will happily become slaves to Wokeism if it means getting a top job at a prestigious financial institution. Companies like Goldman Sachs and McKinsey realize this and prey on these students, knowing they can use them as corporate and political slaves.

Reciting their pronouns every time they introduce themselves? Check. Supporting blatantly anti-white “racial equity” training? Check. Virtue signaling on LinkedIn so an HR employee at Bain Capital can hopefully notice? Check. These kids seem genuinely empty inside.

What do they believe in that isn’t fake? The students have to know that their belief system is based on some fraudulent belief? There aren’t 56 genders in the real world and WOKE is just rehashed Marxism. If you told them, it would be a shock.

Here is another student from Chicago Thinker at Fox News that may shock you for simply asking a question that differs from the narrative:


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