Pelosi Rejects McCarthy’s 3rd Request for More Security for Justices – Update


Update: Speaker Pelosi finally allowed extra security for the Supreme Court justices and their families. 

The House passed a bill 396-27 to increase security for Supreme Court justices’ immediate families on Tuesday, approving a measure that had already been passed by unanimous consent in the Senate.

The Kavanaugh assassination attempt by Nicholas Roske was far more dangerous than people are given to understand. The media is mostly ignoring it. The fact is the failed assassin roamed right near Kavanaugh’s home for 33 minutes before calling 911. Prosecutors say it was a “deeply planned attempt to break into Kavanaugh’s home to kill him.”

Some have minimized his attempt because he called 911 after his sister convinced him to do it. However, only seeing the Marshals discouraged him for the first 33 minutes.

It was just minutes after Roske’s 911 call that Montgomery County police officers drove up and took him into custody. With him were burglary tools, a gun, and a pair of boots with padded outer soles that could allow stealth movement inside a house, according to court records. He had rip-ties.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Monday was fuming after House Democrats declined his third request for unanimous consent to quickly advance a bill to increase security for Supreme Court justices.

The bill passed the Senate unanimously. But Pelosi appears to be holding out to get taxpayer-funded security for every aide and anyone else in her employ while there is no need to do so.

McCarthy has tried several times over the past week to advance the measure. It passed the Senate last month but has stalled in the Democrat-controlled House.


“For the 3rd time in a week, I’m calling for a vote for stronger security for Supreme Court Justices—ALL of them. This isn’t partisan. The threat is real. Why is Speaker Pelosi blocking something that the Senate has already passed unanimously?” Rep. McCarthy Tweeted.

“I do not understand that. I do not understand why we would risk that,” McCarthy continued. “I do not understand why you’ll make sure the Capitol’s protected right now knowing that something could happen in the Senate this week but something could happen in the Supreme Court this week, you won’t protect those justices.”


The Minority Leader criticized Pelosi for claiming the justices are “protected” when pressed by a reporter at a Thursday press conference.

“How can you make that statement in the same week someone is arrested in your neighborhood trying to kill you?” he said. “It makes no sense. If for some reason, we continue to come to the floor, that you feel some pressure on that bill, but you change it, the country will know why. Because if you change the bill and move it back to the Senate, you’re trying to kill it. You’re trying to delay it. That’s exactly what you’re doing.”

“If you want to ping pong it and delay the process, I think that’s wrong,” he continued. “I think you’re jeopardizing people’s lives. I think you’re jeopardizing the safety of the Supreme Court. And I think you’re playing more games than anybody in this country can understand and we do not understand why. There has been no clear answer…”

He doesn’t understand why she would hold it up for over a month when there was an attempted assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh’s life.

He must have forgotten one important fact. She is one of the Democrats who encourages protests by dangerous groups outside the Justices’ homes. Protesting outside a judge’s home is also against the law.

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