UC Tuition Goes Up $1,000 for Out of State Students, But Not for Illegals


The University of California Board of Regents raised the tuition for all students, but one privileged group will receive a special in-state rate. The increase overall will be 3.5% or $1,000.

Illegal aliens will be treated better than out of state students and they are also not subject to the cap. In addition, they get a lot of free money because of their privileged status.

UC has been shuffling money around for years in order to help out all their students who are in need, except for the American ones.

Illegals are special because of their illegal foreigner privilege.

Judging from the rioting, the vicious signs, and the vile things many say, they hate traditional Americans to boot. There will be no ‘thank yous’. They feel it’s their entitlement, their privileged, their right, simply for existing and breaking our laws.

Illegal aliens keep their in-state residency

Illegal aliens — foreigners in this country illegally — will keep their California residency in the sanctuary state of California.

The vote passed by an overwhelming majority of 12-3. This was within months of the board raising the tuition for everyone, the student newspaper The Bottom Line reported.

The Board said they would rescind the increase if the legislature gives them more money.

To sum up, taxpayers are funding aliens in the country illegally as if they belonged in California, but Americans from out of state are treated as if they don’t belong in the state.

No cap for illegals either

The University of California last year placed a cap on out-of-state students permitted to attend the university, but illegal immigrant students were excluded from that policy, as well.

“The nonresident undergraduate enrollment percentages…do not pertain to undocumented students,” [illegal aliens] Doan told The College Fix at the time.

She told The Fix that there were probably around 3,700 illegal immigrant students in the UC system, though the university does not actually inquire about immigration status during the application process.

Colleges across USA give perks to illegals

In 2016, the former Secretary of Homeland Security and current University of California president Janet Napolitano announced a three-year commitment to support illegal alien UC students university-wide.

It earmarked a staggering $8.4 million through the 2018-2019 academic year for undocumented student support across 10 campuses.

If students are here illegally, they can visit the UC’s Undocumented Legal Services Center, which receives a whopping $900,000 per year. That is where illegal students learn how to get a free U.S. education while breaking U.S. law.
This is going on throughout the nation in taxpayer-funded schools.

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