Uh Oh, Dr. Fauci Brutally Fact-Checked by NBC NEWS


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the great goalpost mover, has a history of lying and making failed predictions. As a soothsayer, he’s a flop. In reference to that, what was most interesting was a report on far-left NBC’s ‘Today’ show. The reporter brutally fact-checked one of Fauci’s propagandized predictions.

Fauci claimed there was a significant COVID-19 surge resulting from crowded football stadiums.

The surge “never happened,” NBC responded.

Fauci pushed this bogus prediction in September on MSNBC, NBC’s even further left arm of leftism.

“But it never happened,” NBC reporter Shaquille Brewster confirmed.

“Cases are now in steep decline in every college football state across the south,” he continued.

“Including Florida, where hospitalizations fell 64 percent last month, even as some 90,000 fans packed the Gators’ stadium,” Brewster said.

“For weeks, crowds in the tens of thousands, mostly unmasked, have sat side-by-side now cheering on their teams at the halfway point of the season,” Brewster continued.

“All while doctors warned of games becoming potential super-spreader events. A frightening prospect at the time with hospitals already on the brink.”

Packed stadiums for sporting events have not become “super-spreader events” for the coronavirus. Now, how do we explain that? Well, for Fauci, it’s to lie or ignore it.


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