Uh Oh, Management Shuts Down CNN+ Advertising- @Jack Confirms CNN’s Fake News


What happens to Chris Wallace now?

Warner Bros. Discovery, which now owns CNN, is shutting down marketing for the network’s new streaming service, CNN+, with its fewer than 10,000 people tuning in each day. CNN+ cost the network $300 million so far.

Marketing no more. It sounds like CNN+ should have just had Chris Wallace advertise. He would have brought in the 18 million, said no one ever.

In its first month, talk of May layoffs circulated.

CNN’s long-time CFO has also been let go. It sounds like CNN, in general, needs streamlining over financial issues.

CFO Brad Ferrer has been laid off and replaced with Neil Chugani, the former CFO for streaming and international at Discovery. The move is part of a “broader finance team restructuring,” the sources told Axios.

While the cable network initially planned to invest $1 billion into its streaming project over the first four years. By then, it was projected to break even. Why would anyone think they’d do well?

Those numbers have been severely cut back, sources told Axios. The executives’ projection of CNN+ reaching 15 to 18 million subscribers over the next four years now seems far outside the realm of possibility.

With ratings on a steep downhill slide, netting just 857,000 average prime-time viewers for the first quarter of 2022, CNN’s new management reportedly wants to give the channel a makeover, bringing it back to its hard-news roots and away from the opinion-dominated platform it has become. so many other US news networks striving to transform themselves into variations of CNN.

Turning CNN into a decent news station will be a feat of astronomical proportions.

Incoming CEO Chris Licht has promised to swear off Twitter on his first day of the job to help him focus. Prior to taking this position, he was an executive producer of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and he helped create the Morning Joe program with Joe Scarborough. WOW. Terrible qualifications.

@Jack Confirms: CNN Is Fake News

CNN’s Brian Stelter, who one new owner, John Malone calls a cancer, is still trying to take down Tucker. Stelter said Tucker is “selling doubt.” @Jack Dorsey, former co-founder and CEO of Twitter, tweeted back, “And you all are selling hope?”

Dorsey also accused CNN of selling fake news in Ferguson. That’s true, they did. They incited trouble, and they do it at all the big riots.

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1 year ago

All CNN had to do was report the news instead of making it.