UK Parliament unites to hold Biden in contempt


The U.K. Parliament has aligned to hold Joe Biden in contempt for his unilateral withdrawal from Afghanistan without discussing the issues with NATO.

According to British media,  Joe Biden would not take the calls from U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson for 36 hours as the crisis unfolded.  The British and allied forces were left asea with their citizens still stranded in Afghanistan.

The EU was so angry at having to pay their fair share for NATO and now they got what they asked for as they demonized Donald Trump.




  1. The pressure on Obiden to resign is overwhelming. Look forward to President Harris.Now, is the time to release the Arizona audit and for Patriots to rise up in Righteous Wrath and resinstate Trump! We cannot afford another day of Obiden.

  2. What is she kvetching about. Weren’t the British there also. General Caldwell boasted about the NATO involvement in building up the forces. Evidently they are just as inept as US leaders.

  3. Waterloo? This is Biden’s Stalingrad.
    Of the 265,000 Axis forces left behind only about 10,000 made it back to Germany and other countries alive.
    What a disaster that will live in infamy for all time.

  4. I agree the Brits and our other NATO allies should be madder than **** at Joe Biden, Blinken, Milley and Austin. Most Americans are too. But isn’t ironic how all the politicians of these countries just loved it when Biden became President? They loved t because Biden was not going to hold them accountable for their own defense as President Trump was doing. Now where is all that love for this buffoon?

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