Ukraine Braces for War, But Don’t Worry, Joe’s On Top of It


Russia has amassed over 100,000 troops on the border of Ukraine, enough for a full invasion, according to our sketchy Pentagon. Thousands are deployed along Ukraine’s lightly guarded border with Belarus, only 140 miles from Kyiv.

Russia is concerned and angry that NATO is at their border. They don’t want Ukraine to join NATO. Biden is currently fighting a proxy war with Russia and continually making them our major enemy whereas China is the nation to fear most.

On top of that, NATO is not on board. That’s especially the case with Germany which has no interest in taking on the fight.

But, don’t worry, Joe Biden’s on top of it.

Biden won’t employ sanctions, like cutting off the Nord Stream pipeline, until after an invasion. Some of the sanctions could upend Russia’s economy.

Ukrainian civilians are preparing to fight for their country. This could be a horrific war but to our intellectually limited president, it could be a distraction.


Short History Lesson of Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine’s Borders, Not the US’s

The strangest aspect of the US insistance that we must defend Ukraine’s borders is we don’t defend our own. Of course, we don’t want to see Ukraine overrun, but the US is being overrun and destroyed internally at the same time.

Biden’s Hysteria

Then we have the confusion over the conflict between the US and Ukraine. Since the clip below was deleted and Natasha Bertrand’s article was deleted, the readout of the call has been cleansed.

Regardless, Biden has escalated the war talk, but it’s Ukrainians who will bear the burden. They prefer diplomacy.

Biden is using Ukraine to demonize Russia and it is not helpful.

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