Ukraine Hit 8 Oil Refineries in Russia While US Has Open Borders


Multiple Ukrainian drones have struck an oil refinery in Krasnodar Krai in Russia tonight. This week, Ukraine attacked eight oil refineries deep in Russia. A Ukrainian defense source told CNN that Ukraine is “implementing a well-planned strategy to decrease Russian economic potential.”

It’s not Ukraine doing the planning; NATO, especially the US, is doing the planning.

Sanctions didn’t work, so this is the Pentagon’s next step. Blow up oil refineries in Russia while we have open borders.

The EU and the US must have forgotten that we have open borders and anyone can enter. Ron DeSantis’s state law enforcement stopped a boatload of heavily armed Haitians. They also found drugs and night vision goggles.

Anyone can come in, and some come in armed.

Last year, the Biden government admitted to nearly two million gotaways since Biden came into power. It’s more than that now. That is only what they admitted to. Then, some came in and escaped detection.

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