Lightfoot Holds Her “Head High” As She Finds “Crime Doesn’t Pay”


Lori Lightfoot came in third in last night’s runoff and is now out as a mayoral candidate. She says she will stay in Chicago since her daughter is in high school. Lightfoot said she will be rooting for the next mayor.

Her critics sound off on Chicago mayor losing re-election: ‘Crime doesn’t pay’ – the Fox News headline blared. Crime has skyrocketed under Chicago Mayor Lightfoot. She put all her chips in with the far left who didn’t want criminals punished, but wanted police pilloried. It didn’t pay off for her.

Lightfoot said last year that she has the biggest dick in the city but still lost her re-election bid Tuesday after failing to advance to a runoff in the Chicago mayoral race.

The loss makes her the first Chicago mayor to lose re-election since 1983.

Lightfoot finished third with 16.4% of the vote, while former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas finished at 35.02% and Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson at 20.25%. Vallas and Johnson will advance to the April 4 runoff as the two candidates who got the most votes.

Vallas has been polling as the favorite.

Lightfoot takes it on the chin

“Obviously, we didn’t win the election. But, I stand here with my head held high and my heart full of thanks,” Lightfoot told supporters right before 9 p.m., the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

“You will not be defined by how you fall. You will be defined by how hard you work and how much you do for other people.”

“Regardless of tonight’s outcome, we fought the right fights and put this city on a better path,” Lightfoot said. “Now, as we all know in life, in the end, you don’t always win every battle. But you never regret taking on the powerful and bringing in the light.”

The media said she made “history four years ago as the first openly gay, black woman to win the mayor’s office.”

Those are not qualifications for the position of mayor. Who cares if she’s a black gay woman? Good for her.

Safety and Crime matter

Safety and crime were the top issues for voters, which the top two candidates pushed during their campaigns. They fingered Lightfoot for rising crime numbers.

Lightfoot blamed everyone but herself. Her defining moments aren’t necessarily reasons to hold her head up high.

Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson promise to make Chicago safe.

“I haven’t been this happy since my son returned from Afghanistan,” said Vallas, adding, “We will have a safe Chicago. We will make Chicago the safest city in America.”

Johnson, “appears to have claimed a large share of undecided African-American voters who were “searching” for an alternative to Lightfoot,” according to the Sun Times.

Johnson is an anti-white communist.

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