UN Report Calls for Massive Shut Down of Fossil Fuels Worldwide


The United Nations (U.N.), no friend of the West, published its latest climate change report Monday.  They went as extreme as possible on alleged global warming-related risks, calling for a massive shut down of fossil fuels to save us from the alleged climate “time bomb” that awaits. The synthesis report is dubbed the “survival guide for humanity,” Fox News reports.

Climate extremism

U.N. secretary-general Antonio Guterres said in a video message, “The rate of temperature rise in the last half-century is the highest in 2,000 years. Concentrations of carbon dioxide are at their highest in at least 2 million years. The climate time bomb is ticking. But today’s IPCC report is a how-to guide to defuse the climate time bomb. It is a survival guide for humanity.”

He claims the [extreme] “1.5 degree limit is achievable” with a “quantum leap n climate action.”

He demands fast tracking “by every country and every sector and on every time frame. In short, our world needs climate action on all fronts, everything, everywhere, all at once.”

Oh, and they need more funding – billions and billions more. The IPCC calls it a massive investment in clean energy. They insist on an “immediate phasing out of fossil fuels across the world. The U.N. also called on Western nations to boost the amount of capital and financing they devote to climate investments,” Fox reports.

The 2023 synthesis report can’t be duplicated or quoted, but these few paragraphs explain how Marxist this whole thing is. It destroys their credibility, as if they had any:

Adaptation and mitigation actions, that prioritise equity, social justice, climate justice, rights-based approaches, and inclusivity, lead to more sustainable outcomes, reduce trade-offs, support transformative change and advance climate resilient development.

Redistributive policies across sectors and regions that shield the poor and vulnerable, social safety nets, equity, inclusion and just transitions, at all scales can enable deeper societal ambitions and resolve trade-offs with sustainable development goals.

Attention to equity and broad and meaningful participation of all relevant actors in decision making at all scales can build social trust which builds on equitable sharing of benefits and burdens of mitigation that deepen and widen support for transformative changes. (high confidence).

Hanoi John Kerry has been deeply involved in this as he sets our climate policies. Does anyone doubt the Biden regime plans to do it?

Fox News quoted U.N. secretary-general:

Every country must be part of the solution,” Guterres added Monday. “Demanding others move first only ensures humanity comes last. The ‘Acceleration Agenda’ calls for a number of other actions. Specifically, no new coal and the phasing out of coal by 2030 in OECD countries and 2040 in all other countries; ending all international public and private funding of coal.”

“Ceasing all licensing or funding of new oil and gas – consistent with the findings of the International Energy Agency,” he continued. “Stopping any expansion of existing oil and gas reserves; shifting subsidies from fossil fuels to a just energy transition; establishing a global phasedown of existing oil and gas production compatible with the 2050 global net-zero target.”

This is insane, and it’s meant to destroy us.

Guterres is a grifter.

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