We are all Soviets now as Pelosi’s thugs go after political opponents


Nancy Pelosi’s J6 commission is demanding wireless companies hand over the personal records and all communications from sitting congresspeople and the Trump family and colleagues. It’s a witch hunt that would make Levrentiy Beria proud. These are the tactics of the Soviets.

This is the same type of witch hunt that they used against Donald Trump in the fraudulent Russiagate and Ukrainegate conspiracies.

Kevin McCarthy wrote, “If companies still choose to violate federal law, a Republican majority will not forget and will stand with Americans to hold them fully accountable under the law,” McCarthy said.

The House Minority Leader tweeted: My statement on Democrats asking companies to violate federal law:

We don’t know what law he is referencing but we suggest there are several clauses in the Constitution that would not allow it. It is clearly out of their sphere of influence to demand all the private cell phone and email records without cause. Pelosi and her comrades want to use the information to defeat the targets of the subpoenas in elections.

There is no reason to suspect the congresspeople and Trump family were involved in the riot which they like to falsely call an insurrection. The DoJ already exonerated Donald Trump.

Yet, the Democrats, who are now the far left, are coming to bat for Pelosi, who is acting like a dictator, and the J6 Berias.


The Left went right to work on the cancel culture site — Twitter — to expose the tactics they will use to protect their lawless efforts to gather intel on their political opponents. They call McCarthy scared, nervous, and a lawless obstructionist.

They are making the US into a surveillance state and if they can do it to Congress and a former president, they can do it to anyone. It’s the tactics of the Soviets. If you oppose Pelosi and her comrades, they will seize all your personal communications.

“He’s scared,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who serves on the select committee, said on MSNBC on Tuesday night. “And I think his boss is scared.”

Author and leftist influencer Don Winslow claimed, ‘Scared’ Kevin McCarthy Trashed On Twitter For ‘Thuggery’ After Threatening Telecoms.

CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig, a leftist, said, “This is nonsense. A subpoena is not “strong-arming” and there’s no violation of federal law when companies comply.”

Fake conservative turned leftist, racist Joe Walsh called McCarthy “nervous.”, linking to a Guardian story defending the right of Democrats to go on witch hunts.

Leftist attorney Elizabeth De La Vega wrote that “McCarthy’s effort to intimidate phone companies into not complying with lawful subpoenas is an admission against interest. He’s admitting he’s so afraid of what those records show that he’ll lie & threaten vague retaliation to try to keep them secret. Whatcha so afraid of, Kev?”

Communist Ted Lieu tries to make McCarthy into the law violator, citing 18 U.S. code 1505, he claims McCarthy’s threatening is obstructing an investigation of the House.

Marjorie Taylor Greene discussed it on Tucker last night:

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