Unbelievable! Dr. Fauci changes his tune again


Remember when Senator — Doctor — Rand Paul told Dr. Anthony Fauci that the children needed to go to school? That was in June. Well, now Dr. Fauci owes him an apology.

In June, Paul criticized the “central planners” during a hearing on COVID-19 response, asserting that Americans should not be “sheep” — and that US schools should reopen.

He cited the research — the actual science, but it was like talking to a doorknob.

Now Dr. Fraudci finally agrees — after the children have missed real schooling and teachers have been forced to teach under absurd conditions.

Fauci now thinks the spread isn’t like one would have suspected at all.

How come Dr. Paul knew? How did he find the research in June?


This doctor is more believable:

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

What else is new with this socialist crack pot? This is his MO. Some of these so called professionals and scientists are starting to concern me.

The Whole Armor
The Whole Armor
2 years ago

Clueless feckless bureaucrats move like a glacier and are only in it for the payoff and pension.
Comrade Fraudski works for Billy Gates and the globalists and not the USA.

2 years ago

The man is a damn quack a political animal, a waste time.