Under Secretary Victoria Nuland Admitted There Are Bio Labs In Ukraine


“Ukraine has biological research facilities, which in fact we are now quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces, may be seeking to gain control of,” Victoria Nuland told Sen. Rubio today at a Senate hearing.

The US claims they did not run the labs, only provided some funding. Why did the U.S. feel the need to help fund Bio labs in Ukraine? US officials knew Russians would see them as bioweapons labs. We addressed this on this link.

The Russians have their own version of what was going on in the labs and whether they believe what they are saying or not, we can’t say, but putting these labs in Ukraine was poking the bear.

They weren’t secret but there were a lot more of them than we expected to see — reportedly 6-30 – and, again, why? Why fund facilities like this in Ukraine? Were they experimenting with gain-of-function?  At least two of the diseases they were studying are very dangerous — Hemorrhagic Fever and the Hanta Virus.

The 1991 Budapest Agreement required Ukraine to remain neutral. It’s the deal they made for independence. Russia viewed Bio labs with ties to the U.S. as a threat.

Under Secretary for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland is very worried the labs will fall into Russian hands but why? They’re just labs, right?

Even more absurd in a world of absurdities and madness, China is calling for an investigation into US-funded Bio labs in 30 countries while they are likely guilty of spreading the Wuhan Virus. In fact, let’s study the one in Wuhan that gets their funding.

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