Under Twitter siege, Matt Walsh responds to Kristi Noem with an ‘apology’


Matt Walsh is a commentator, influencer, and Daily Wire host who simply and bluntly tells people what the majority of us are thinking. It gets him in a lot of trouble. He is now under attack from Kristi Noem over comments he made. But he responded to the assault in his typical ‘apologetic’ fashion — at the end of the article.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem called political Matt Walsh a misogynist over comments he made about her. The only problem is she proved his point by omitting the reason he made the comments.

The truth is that Kristi Noem said she does not have the unilateral authority to forbid a South Dakota hospital system from requiring its employees to get vaccinated. Matt Walsh called her out for saying it.

So, then Matt Walsh shot back: …I’ve had a chance to reflect on this and after much thought I just want to say I’m deeply sorry that you’re all a bunch of ridiculous, whiney babies.

About his battering on Twitter by the cancel culture, he writes:

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