Unelected, unaccountable, non-transparent entity will censor Americans for the Dems


The latest tyranny comes from the social media giants. I always thought Glenn Greenwald was too extreme left for me, but he nails it here (clip below).

This is unprecedented extreme behavior from the tyrannical new government ruled by the media. Silicon Valley is more powerful than the President and is destroying free speech.

Glenn Greenwald said this is the “initiation of a new war on terror.” He doesn’t say that lightly. Biden said he wants a new law on terrorism to criminalize free assembly and speech.

They explicitly say it will be directed INWARD, Greenwald states correctly.

Once Trump is gone, their strategy is clear to make any Trump supporter or anyone on the right into terrorists and treat them as such.

Silicon Valley has our data and all the control. They are more powerful than any nation-state and are unaccountable and non-transparent.

Jen Palmieri said Silicon Valley is now censoring the Democrat Party’s enemies.


We are confronted with tyranny and we don’t use that word lightly. All pillars of society are being taken over, all states will become blue and that is a dictatorship.

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