Unhinged Omarosa Releases a New Tape on ‘The View’


Omarosa appeared on ‘The View’ to release a new tape she claims shows the President is unhinged. Describing the President’s attendance at a meeting unannounced as ‘crashing’, she played a clip in which he describes Hillary’s alleged ‘campaign finance violations’.

“When Donald Trump got bored, which was very often because his attention span was very short, he would sometimes try to figure out what meetings were taking place in the White House and he would crash those meetings,” Manigault Newman said. “This was a meeting with the entire communications staff and the press shop. We were meeting to talk about tax reform or his trip to North Korea.”

“He came into the meeting, he sat down, and he starts rambling from topic to topic, none of it makes sense,” she said. “And this is in October of last year, so this is … twelve months after the election, and he’s still talking about Hillary Clinton.”

Omarosa dutifully hit a number of the Democrat talking points.

We have some problems with this

There are glaring problems with what went on at ‘The View’ Monday.

First of all, the President can ‘crash’ any meeting he wants since he is President, and he should do that so he can get a reading of the members. Also, it was an appropriate topic for the communications team.

Secondly, he sounds perfectly sane. Apparently, she thinks that it’s insane to talk about Hillary’s campaign finance violations a year after he won the election. Actually, he was talking about the violations in relation to the Hillary-Russia collusion. That was and is very current.

In the tape, Trump claims the “real Russia story is Hillary and collusion,” a statement that he has made in public multiple times.

There was absolutely nothing new in the tape and her set up doesn’t support what we hear in the tape. Also, why does she cut the tapes short every time? Maybe Omarosa is unhinged.

She also claimed she heard Trump use the ‘n’ word on a tape and it will be released.

“I don’t hold the tape. I’ve heard the tape,” Omarosa said. “They’ve been talking about releasing it, you know. I’m suspecting they’re going to release it around the midterms.”

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