Uniparty Ripoff! Bill to Give Welfare to Migrants Here & On the Way


Dr. Peter St. Onge reports that Republicans are trying to sneak in a $155 billion bill that combines welfare for illegals with crony corporate tax cuts, all disguised as “tax relief for families.” Democrats, of course, are only too happy to play along and fleece the voters. Welcome to America’s ruling coalition: illegal immigrants and corporate lobbyists. Two parties united. The Uniparty exposes itself again.

Call your representatives!

Republicans want to give welfare benefits to illegals crossing the border with crony corporate tax cuts to sweeten the deal. That will encourage more of the world’s worst to come. Our politicians really do hate us.

“Republicans are trying to slip this Trojan Horse past their voters by calling it “tax relief,” in case you thought there was a good party in Washington.

“… this little gem would cost us $155 billion per year if it passes.


So what is the bill, and what does it do? It has the Orwellian name, The Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act.

“The bipartisan bill, meaning the Uniparty Bill, gives millions of illegal immigrants welfare benefits … also for the 1,000,000 more who are currently on their way. [Illegals already get child welfare tax credits.]

You would think such a bill would have zero chance of passing Congress. That Republicans would stop it.

“Enter the lobbyists because the rest of the bill is a laundry list of lobbyists-approved tax breaks like retroactive depreciation and a nudge in section 163 business amortization. … It’s even got a bizarre break slashing royalties tax on residents of Taiwan from 30% to 10%, in case you wonder why lobbyists make the big bucks.


“So welcome to America’s new ruling coalition of illegal immigrants and corporate lobbyists. Two parties united.

“The bill authors are aware that Washington is currently running a $2.7 trillion deficit that will bankrupt our country with Congress’s own bean counters projecting $145 trillion with a T of national debt by 2053.

Accounting Fraud

“So to cover the fact that this bill is adding to that to the tune of potentially trillions, they resort to Washington-level accounting fraud, namely, they cancel a failed COVID-era employee retention credit that has paid out $230 billion, much of it fraudulent.

“Instead of simply winding down the program and admitting that they effed up, they labeled the long overdue wind down as $78 billion in savings. …

“It’s worth noting that those $78 billion in savings are more than that program was supposed to cost in the 1st place. So they promised a handout. They actually handed out $200 billion more than promised, and then they stopped handing it out and called that an extra $78 billion left over for their clients.

“Welcome to Washington.” There’s a good chance of killing the bill, but it will return. It’s the “Uniparty ripoff.”

St. Onge recommends voting for the anti-establishment candidates – donate, volunteer, help them win. Even though we thought we were voting that way. They were gaslighting us.


Thomas Massie responded to the bill later in the day on Wednesday.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
20 days ago

The title of this bill, The Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act, is a much of a lie, waste and theft of American taxpayers’ money as the Democrats’ Deficit Reduction Act passed in 2021 with the help of the uniparty Republicans including a Senator I’m stuck with for another 2 years, John Cornyn.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
21 days ago

I doubt the house will pass this as it is, though a house committee approved it.

Corrupt DC is trying to sneak in a bill to fund the invasion, since the Lankford bill has no chance.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
20 days ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

The House overwhelmingly passed it, 370 to 70. Sick, isn’t it.