United’s very bizarre wokeness! 50% of their pilots to be chosen by gender or skin color


United will no longer hire based on merit, instead, they will select pilots who have one or two particular immutable characteristics. They will train thousands of pilots based on the color of their skin or their gender. This is after condemning Georgia for a perfectly reasonable law that protects the state from ineligible voters casting a ballot.

Can you please direct me to an airline that hires based on ability instead of sexual orientation or skin color? I would prefer to fly on that airline.

Woke United says “diversity is at the forefront” of its pilot program:

Today, United has one of the most diverse pilot populations of any U.S. carrier with nearly 20% of our pilot group made up of women and people of color. We are working toward raising that number even higher by partnering with diversity-led organizations and continuing to remove gender and racial barriers. And we’re going one step further with plans for 50% of United Aviate Academy students being women and people of color to ensure our students reflect the diversity of the customers and communities we serve.

The only that will stop this lunacy is for people to boycott them.

Ben Shapiro:

Tucker sounds off:

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