University of Kansas Bigots Add “Angry White Male” Studies


If students would like to run up debt for an absolutely worthless course of study that will get them nowhere in life, they should sign up for this anti-white class that stigmatizes and stereotypes white males.

The public university in Lawrence, Kansas, will offer the course in fall 2019, Campus Reform reported Wednesday. “This course charts the rise of the ‘angry white male’ in America and Britain since the 1950s, exploring the deeper sources of this emotional state while evaluating recent manifestations of male anger,” according to a description of the class posted on KU’s Humanities Program website.

The university’s Humanities and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies departments will jointly offer the course.

The 300-level class will employ “interdisciplinary perspectives” and examine “how both dominant and subordinate masculinities are represented and experienced in cultures undergoing periods of rapid change connected to modernity as well as to rights-based movements of women, people of color, homosexuals and trans individuals,” according to the course description.

The Humanities Program will also offer “Sex in History,” “Being Human in the Workplace,” “The Refugee Experience” and “American Indian and White Relations to 1865,” according to its upcoming course curriculum.

All of these courses are worthless and students won’t get a job in all likelihood. If they do, it will be to spread hate and division.

Imagine if they offered an angry black or brown male or angry female course?

  • This is the same University that was vilified about giving teddy bears, or some such thing not so long ago.

    These were the same types that were condemning Kansas for the hearings about evolution. That wasn’t near as ridiculous as what KU has been up to lately.

  • How about a course to study why the ANTIFA communists are allowed to beat up old folks burn cars and smash plate glass windows in conspiracy with the # women’s movement on inauguration day?? (While the D.C. “mayor” gave instructions to all D.C. cops not to wear their body cams on that day??? Oh? I get it , that course is taught in law school under Constitutional law.