Population Equaling Lexington, KY Came Illegally Last Month


Fox News Reporter Bill Melugin reports that Border Patrol in the Del Rio sector counted 6,492 migrant apprehensions and 4,272 known gotaways in a one-week span.

According to Melugin, “That means out of more than 10,700 known illegal crossings in one week, nearly 40% were able to evade and cross into Texas without ever being apprehended.”

As a reminder, Melugin says gotaways are NOT counted in CBP’s monthly border numbers reported to the public, so those numbers are always a significant undercount compared to how many people truly crossed the border. Last month, 251,000 encounters. 70,000+ gotaways not included.

That’s the population of Lexington, Kentucky, or Corpus Christi, Texas, or Henderson, Nevada, in one week.

We also have hundreds each month coming through Biden’s app that is aimed at people who want to come unvetted from certain nations. Twenty states led by Texas and America1stLegal are suing the Biden administration over its recently-expanded humanitarian parole program for Venezuelans, Cubans, Haitians, and Nicaraguans.

Many pouring in are communists, coming from communist nations. No one mentions that. Not everyone is escaping communism. Many want it here.

TikTok, a Beijing-controlled site, needs to come down. It is China that’s behind the fentanyl crisis killing a lot of innocent people.

Some illegal aliens are terrorists. We are importing terrorists. Anyone remember 9/11?

And they are committing horrendous crimes. We are importing all manner of criminals, including child sex offenders. We now have a more active sex trade in the USA under this administration.

Border Patrol risks their lives every day to try to fight against what the administration has done. Both parties have let us down.


KASH PATEL: “Illegal immigrants literally commit crimes every week.”

We are bringing in a large population of evil people who will turn this country into something far more dangerous than we can imagine right now.

Kash Patel is a courageous American who fights for this country at great personal expense. We have a short clip and then the full clip of a wide-ranging interview with him.

The first short clip is his response to the lie that illegal aliens don’t commit crimes when they clearly do.

In New York, we have 20,000 illegals wrecking our New York City hotels. Just in the first 22 days of the new year, rapes are up 18%; felony assaults are up 16%.

We just had several illegal aliens teens steal $12,500 worth of goods from Macy’s in New York City. Almost no reaction from the media. It’s so commonplace.

Texas saw 550,000 felonies in just six years, including 8,000 kidnappings and rapes and 4,000 murders. Forty percent of their federal trials were with illegal aliens, and 20% of their prison population are illegal aliens.

“Illegal immigrants literally commit crimes every week,” Kash Patel says. We need to get out there and counter the lies with statistics.


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