Upset! Dutch Farmers Party Is Now the Largest Party In the Senate!


The newly-formed Boer-Burger Beweging (BBB), or Farmer-Citizen Movement, won 15 seats. This is in the 75-seat upper house of the Dutch national parliament with four parties. The BBB can slow or halt the efforts of Prime Minister Rutte in his radical (WEF) climate agenda. Rutte lost eight seats. Another right-wing party came in third.

BBB has the most seats of any party. It’s the largest party in their senate.

There are 18 parties in the Parliament, which is too many.

The leftwing ecological Groen-Links party is now merging with the PVDA. It doesn’t matter. Rutte will still have problems trying to get his extreme policies through. The BBB can block its initiatives to close a third of the farms and kill off livestock.

Europeans are revolting! But you won’t hear it in the media!

DW Report (Deutsche Welle):

A populist party (BBB) founded only four years ago is set to emerge as the biggest party in Dutch provincial elections for the upper house of parliament on Thursday after riding a wave of protests by angry farmers.

The Boer-Burger Beweging (BBB), or Farmer-Citizen Movement, is projected to win 16 or 17 seats in the 75-seat upper house of the Dutch national parliament.

The party gained popularity as Dutch farmers’ protests ramped up in recent years, also gaining some global support, including from former US President Donald Trump and other right-wing or populist figures.

The farmers have been demonstrating against Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s ruling coalition’s plans to cut nitrogen emissions by slashing livestock numbers and possibly closing farms.

The farmers have been rounded up, shot at, and imprisoned, but they keep protesting. Rebel News has come in on their side and publicized the farmers’ plight.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
11 months ago

There’s hope for sanity in Europe yet. It’s always better to work within the system and I’m sure oppressed citizens of other countries are looking on. Now if Europe would disband the EU the individual countries could enjoy sovereignty again and not be under the EU’s thumb.