Police Use Water Cannons on 10K Dutch Farmers’ Protest, Military Block Roads


The Dutch government tried to stop the farmers from protesting this week. They brought in military trucks to block them from driving their tractors here. Yet 10,000 people turned up. The police used water cannons to disperse them.

First, the government regulated carbon dioxide, then they moved on to nitrogen. As the farmers say in the film below, the globalists are now fixated on farmers.

The World Economic Forum-controlled Dutch government announced an end to modern farming. They are putting harsh controls on nitrogen and spelling the end to thousands of family farms. They want to liquidate over 3,000 farms.

Dutch farmers are following the example of the Trucker Protest in Canada. They are under the same threat.

More than 10,000 farmers showed up to protest the nitrogen policy. It will destroy 30% of the smaller farms and hit food production.

Police in the Hague, Netherlands, dispersed environmental activists with water cannons as the military blocked the roads. In addition to the farmers, climate activists opposed to fossil fuels showed up.

DW reports:

Police said they stopped an unknown number of tractors that were headed for the farmers’ demonstration. The city banned all but two “symbolic” tractors from participating, citing safety concerns.

The protesters carried banners reading “No farmers, no food” and “There is no nitrogen ‘problem'” during the peaceful demonstration organized by the Farmers’ Defence Force group.

Many also waved upside-down Dutch flags, which have become synonymous with farmers’ protests, and balloons with the logo of the far-right Forum for Democracy (FVD) party.

The ideology at work:

Relatively large numbers of livestock and heavy use of fertilizers have led to levels of nitrogen oxides in the soil and water in the Netherlands and Belgium that are higher than European Union regulations allow.

The government wants to cut emissions of pollutants, predominantly nitrates, by 50% nationwide by 2030. Ministers call the proposal an “unavoidable transition” that aims to improve air, land and water quality and have warned that it will mean “that not all farmers can continue their business.”

Dutch politician Geert Wilders: “The real aim here is to get rid of our farmers for some leftist Nitrogen agenda and make room for non-western immigrants.”

“The real aim here is to get rid of our farmers,” the Dutch Party for Freedom leader told Rebel News.

“Nitrogen is not a real problem. It’s an invented kind of problem. It’s totally unfair.”

“There would be no Netherlands without our farmers, without our fishermen…They are who we are. They are in our genes. They are in our history. Holland is built on the farmers and fishermen,” Wilders said.

After the United States, the Netherlands is the world’s largest exporter of agricultural produce. The Dutch agricultural sector exports nearly $70 billion USD of agricultural produce annually.

This is more of The Great Reset. They don’t follow the science, and are dangerous ideologues. The authoritarians want to turn The Netherlands into Sri Lanka.

The globalists are dismissing the farmers and publicly denigrating them.

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