US Airlines: Lift the Mandates- They Don’t Align with Reality


In a letter to President Joe Biden, the CEOs of nearly two dozen US-based major airlines said “now is the time” to lift mask mandates and other Covid-19 restrictions for travelers. The measures, including the mask mandate, for flight, are “no longer aligned with the realities” of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thet should be ended, they wrote.

That first paragraph is what much of the media is leaving out or burying in their articles. They don’t align with reality!

The missive was sent after the Biden administration extended the mask mandate for flights until April 18 with no discernible scientific support.

The letter was sent on Wednesday and began by complimenting Biden on his leadership. It noted that the airlines have cooperated fully, including following the science. Getting to the point, the executives say “much has changed since these measures were imposed, and they no longer make sense in the current public health context.”

Since hospitalizations and death rates are down, they write, we strongly support your view that ‘COVID-19 need no longer control our lives.’ …It’s time to sunset the mandates that are no longer aligned with the realities of the current epidemiological environment.”

As for the mask mandate, they say the science “clearly supports lifting the mask mandate.”

Studies point to airline cabins being among the safest environments due to the air-filtration system. The letter makes note of it.

To recap, the airline CEOs have finally had enough. The measures “no longer make sense,” and don’t align “with the realities” of the science. In addition, they “need no longer control our lives.”  “Now is the time” to lift all mandates.

They want this change to accommodate their passengers. The Federal Aviation Administration’s tracker says of the 961 reports of unruly behavior on planes this year, 635 have involved masks.


3 23 22 A4A Board Letter to President Biden on Mask Mandates and Testing Requirements by Maura on Scribd

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Chicago Typewriter
Chicago Typewriter
1 year ago

The money speaks louder.
That won’t work with Russia though and the Uniparty expects us to suffer longer than the subhuman Ivans. (sarc)