US citizens, residents and allies hide in terror in Afghanistan


Gabby Potito, the 22-year-old woman abandoned and likely murdered out west is not the story but the media wants you to believe she is. The real stories are treason by Mark Milley and Nancy Pelosi, a literal invasion at our border, ten people murdered by a US drone, Hillary Clinton funding the Alpha Bank hoax, an economy being ruined, and hostages in Afghanistan.


The US left people behind — hundreds or thousands, no one knows how many — and now these people are held hostage in Afghanistan by terrorists. A few are allowed out here and there but the US is not coming to get them.

The US gave $83 billion in war equipment and vehicles and is sending $64 million to the Taliban — they call it humanitarian aid.

The people stranded in Afghanistan spend their time running and hiding in an attempt to evade the Taliban. In many cases they face death, and in others, they face arrest and torture.

The Associated Press contacted several of the families on the run:

Every night in yet another house in Afghanistan’s capital, a U.S. green card-holding couple from California take turns sleeping, with one always awake to watch over their three young children so they can flee if they hear the footsteps of the Taliban.

They’ve moved seven times in two weeks, relying on relatives to take them in and feed them. Their days are an uncomfortable mix of fear and boredom, restricted to a couple of rooms where they read, watch TV and play “The Telephone Game” in which they whisper secrets and pass them on, a diversion for the children that has the added benefit of keeping them quiet.

The agonizing wait for the call from the corrupt Biden State Department:

All of it goes on during the agonizing wait for a call from anybody who can help them get out. A U.S. State Department official contacted them several days ago to tell them they were being assigned a caseworker, but they haven’t heard a word since. They tried and failed to get on a flight and now are talking to an international rescue organization.

“We are scared and keep hiding ourselves more and more,” the mother said in a text message to The Associated Press. “Whenever we feel breathless, I pray.”

The Taliban knows who most of the collaborators are because the State Department gave the Taliban lists of Afghan citizens who had worked as translators and contractors. They also allegedly have biometric data and Taliban are using the scanners we left behind to track the people down.

The Taliban government has promised to let Americans and Afghans with proper travel documents leave the country and to not retaliate against those who helped the United States. But U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said there is evidence they are not keeping their word. She warned Monday that the country had entered a “new and perilous phase,” and cited credible reports of reprisal killings of Afghan military members and allegations of the Taliban hunting house-to-house for former government officials and people who cooperated with U.S. military and U.S. companies.

This is one of the stories of abandoned Americans now held hostage in Afghanistan:

When the phone rang in an apartment in Kabul a few weeks ago, the U.S. green card holder who answered — a truck driver from Texas visiting family — was hopeful it was the U.S. State Department finally responding to his pleas to get him and his parents on a flight out.

Instead, it was the Taliban.

“We won’t hurt you. Let’s meet. Nothing will happen,” the caller said, according to the truck driver’s brother, who lives with him in Texas and spoke to him afterwards. The call included a few ominous words: “We know where you are.”

That was enough to send the man fleeing from the Kabul apartment where he had been staying with his mother, his two teenage brothers and his father, who was in particular danger because he had worked for years for a U.S. contractor overseeing security guards.

The media is trying to make the real stories go away. Don’t let them.

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