US Embassy in Iraq Surrounded After Drone Strike


The administration launched an airstrike on Wednesday evening, targeting Abu Baqir Al-Saadi, a senior leader within the Kataib Hezbollah ranks, along with two individuals accompanying him. It is a response to the 168 attacks by the Iranian-backed militias in Iraq, Syria, and Jordan against US and coalition forces. CentCom said there were no casualties or collateral damage other than the three who are suspected in involvement in the drone attack that killed three American soldiers on base.

The three men killed allegedly played a role in the deaths of the three servicemen recently killed in a drone attack on base. Another 30 were injured.

People in the area weren’t taking it well and surrounded the American embassy within Baghdad’s Green Zone to confront the Americans. Iraqi security personnel have sealed off all pathways to the American embassy, and the American Embassy in Baghdad is on heightened alert.

According to OSINT Defender, There is a call to arms tonight by several Iranian-backed groups in Baghdad, Iraq. They are telling their Members and Supporters to storm the U.S. Embassy compound within the “International Green Zone” in Retaliation for the Assassination Strike tonight against two Leaders of Kata’ib Hezbollah.

High Alert

Iraqi Special Forces were deployed, and Iraqi security forces closed all bridges and roads.

The aftermath of the strike has seen a tightening of security measures around the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, with Iraqi security forces closing all entrances to the Green Zone, a heavily fortified area housing foreign embassies and government buildings. This move anticipates potential retaliatory attacks against U.S. facilities in Iraq.

The Biden administration has signaled that the airstrike does not conclude its response to the attacks on U.S. forces, indicating that further actions may be forthcoming.

Iraq’s foreign ministry summoned the charge d’affaires of the US Embassy in Baghdad “in protest against the American aggression,” Rudaw reports.

Iraq is basically consumed by Iran.

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Biden Crapbritches
Biden Crapbritches
13 days ago

The government wants to reduce the number of white males until it comes time for someone to fight its corrupt, never ending wars. But white males aren’t falling for this “patriotic” call to die. They’re saying, “Let the trannies and titty-boy generals take care of it.”

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
13 days ago

The rhetoric of the neocons and zionists is all “blah blah blah Iran Iran Iran blah blah blah”. We know what they want, it is escalated war, instability, and lots of money.

Our USA has instigated this, by illegally occupying Syrian and Iraqi territory.