Biden to the Rescue! After Inviting Millions to Come Illegally


After destroying the country with millions of illegal aliens from around the world, Biden’s administration will now seek to limit illegal immigration with executive actions. This is in time for the election so he can win again and give them all amnesty for Democrat one-party rule.

It won’t be a country worth ruling.

NBC News reports the Biden administration is considering taking executive action to deter illegal migration across the southern border, according to two U.S. officials.

Now that his dream bill has failed, he will pass executive actions to look like the hero conquering the problem he created. Blue states will love it.

Biden invited the world and invented 32 pathways for them to enter. He also doesn’t track them, so they are here to stay. He made it lucrative for NGOs to bring them in and developed apps to approve them in their home countries. Almost none are eligible for asylum, and everyone knows it.


On Tuesday, President Joe Biden argued the bipartisan bill would have “made important fixes to our broken immigration system,” calling it “the toughest, fairest law” on the border ever proposed.

The bill’s problems were tremendous. It was a Trojan Horse, but the administration has the media to lie for it. The laws aren’t broken; this administration just won’t follow them.

The media deceitfully claims that once COVID restrictions were lifted (Title 42), DHS leveled new restrictions that made more illegals eligible for speedy deportation., but the numbers were too overwhelming. The vast majority were released into the US.

Everything they reported is untrue.

Chris Murphy (D-Conn), who helped concoct the bill, is a Biden surrogate. He’s on the President’s National Advisory Board.


The dream bill went down in flames yesterday. Even McConnell voted against it. Asylum is the road to citizenship and the power to vote. This bill allows Secretary Mayorkas to have his final say on asylum claims. Can you think of a worse person who would have that power? Nothing in this bill closes the border. In fact, it increases illegal immigration. It allows at least 5,000 illegal aliens a day, and the president can make the final decision.

The House noted in part:

“Among its many flaws, the bill expands work authorizations for illegal aliens while failing to include critical asylum reforms. Even worse, its language allowing illegals to be ‘released from physical custody’ would effectively endorse the Biden ‘catch and release’ policy.

“The so-called ‘shutdown’ authority in the bill is anything but, riddled with loopholes that grant far too much discretionary authority to Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas – who has proven he will exploit every measure possible, in defiance of the law, to keep the border open.

“The bill also fails to adequately stop the President’s abuse of parole authority and provides for taxpayer funds to fly and house illegal immigrants in hotels through the FEMA Shelter and Services Program.

“Because President Biden has refused to utilize his broad executive authority to end the border catastrophe that he has created, the House led nine months ago with the passage of the Secure the Border Act (H.R. 2). HR2 is basically immigration law as written.


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Biden Crapbritches
Biden Crapbritches
13 days ago

Biden was a plagiarist in school and in the Senate and has spent his whole life lying and trying to win people over with his clown-like smile and bullsh*t stories – which are usually also lies. The only way Biden can win is through cheating, and they’re putting that plan together right now. California is running tv ads in Chinese and Spanish telling illegals to mail in votes. Corruption.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
13 days ago

It is seems more and more likely that Trump was the last Republican President.

I hope I am wrong but after democrats rig and steal the 2024 election, they will make radical changes, some of them illegal , but democrats are above the law so they don t care, there will not be a Republican President for a long long time, decades.

Of course something could happen that changes everything and corrects course…

but as things are now the USA is heading towards a very ugly, very sad future where woke leftists have complete control and win every election…
and will make everything bad worse; from sex changes for kids to opening the border to anyone, to destroying the economy ( as California is doing right now ) they will make everything worse.

they are the ones who defunded the police which resulted in a 30% rise in crimes

they are not sane people

but they are on charge and have found ways of remaining in charge

if the USA sinks, many other nations will sink with it as they depend on the USA for their economy and their safety…Canada could not defend itself against an invasion from China or Russia, the USA would have to come save us.

but if democrats destroy the US economy and destroy its military force ( lowering the bar and replacing everyone with under qualified men in dresses and lesbian ballerinas) no one will fear the USA

smaller nations could be invaded by Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea and the USA would not be able to go defend them.

too busy teaching men in dresses and lesbian ballerinas how to fight white supremacism

me negative?

me pessimistic?

nope I am just a realist…and I hope my dooms day predictions are all wrong

but things are worse everyday, things are more insane everyday…and the left is more powerful everyday and is able to crush the right more everyday…so who will stop the crazy leftists???

am I all that off with my predictions?

it looks like the next few years will be horrible

but I hope I am completely wrong