US Escalates Towards a Major War with Russia


The US is escalating the proxy war with Russia. They will provide Ukraine’s military with intelligence to attack targets in Crimea to relitigate Crimea. The US is also sending heavier weapons.

“As the conflict evolves, we continue to adjust to ensure that operators have the flexibility to share detailed, timely intelligence with the Ukrainians,” a US intelligence official told the Wall Street Journal about the policy change.

The newspaper said Washington is moving to “significantly expand” intelligence-sharing with Ukraine, but “will refrain from providing intelligence that would enable the Ukrainians to strike targets on Russian territory”. The report, which was confirmed by the New York Times, specifically mentioned Crimea as covered by the new policy.

After the 2014 coup, Crimea voted in a controversial referendum to rejoin Russia. Moscow considers Crimea’s status as part of Russia a settled issue.

Russia is now warning Ukraine they may strike Kiev’s “decision-making centers,” after attacks on Russian territory.


A new $800-million package from the Pentagon, revealed this week, includes artillery guns, armored vehicles, and helicopters, among other weapons.

The eight biggest US weapons manufacturers were summoned to the Pentagon yesterday for a secret meeting “in preparation for a protracted conflict against Russia.” No one of any prominence questioned any aspect of this.

Additionally, Biden credited the $2.6 billion in weapons he has supplied to Kiev since February with defeating what he called the Russian plan to “conquer and control” Ukraine.

Also, US officials reportedly convened a meeting with executives of eight leading American defense manufacturers to discuss which of their products could benefit Ukraine.

Russia said it would consider any arms shipments that reach Ukrainian territory legitimate military targets.

If they shoot down US aircraft, the US will be in a direct physical confrontation with Russia.

At the same time, as Sweden and Finland plan to join NATO. As a result, Russia said they will then spend a lot more time in the Baltic Sea.

Donald Trump has officially joined Joe Biden to say Russia is guilty of genocide. Do we have actual proof from an independent investigator yet?


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