US flag makes her sick and she’s teaching white lib gals they’re racist


Saira Rao and Regina Jackson

The Left has a new approach to self-flagellation for being born white It’s called Race to Dinner.

It goes like this

A white woman volunteers to host a dinner in her home for seven other white women – often strangers, perhaps acquaintances. (Each dinner costs $2,500, which can be covered by a generous host or divided among guests.) A ‘frank’ discussion is led by co-founders Regina Jackson, who is black, and Saira Rao, who identifies as Indian American. They started Race to Dinner to challenge liberal white women to accept their racism, however subconscious. “If you did this in a conference room, they’d leave,” Rao says. “But wealthy white women have been taught never to leave the dinner table.”

It’s not cheap to tell your dinner guests how racist they are.

They don’t bother with lost causes like Republican women

The women don’t bother with the 53% of white women who voted for Trump since they see them as a lost cause. They go after liberal white women.

That’s wise. In no way are Republican women going to give these grifters $2500 to convince us we’re racists when we aren’t.

Rao and Jackson say, “White men are never going to change anything. If they were, they would have done it by now,” Jackson says.

That’s not racist?

Jackson says, “White women, on the other hand, are uniquely placed to challenge racism because of their proximity to power and wealth. “If they don’t hold these positions themselves, the white men in power are often their family, friends, and partners.”

“What was a racist thing you did recently?” the two women of color ask before appetizers are served. And they are filling up their dinner dates.

They say if it were in a conference room, they’d leave, but wealthy white women were taught to never leave the dinner table.

That is a stereotype.

Rao, a failed congressional candidate, has appropriated the American black experience of slavery of which she has no experience. But, hey, she gets dinner and half of $2500 to tell wealthy white women they’re racist.

Racists marry blacks, adopt black children, work on inclusivity

They admit the women who sign up for these dinners are not seen as racist. They are well-read and well-meaning. They are mostly Democrats. Some have adopted black children, many have partners who are people of color, some have been doing work towards inclusivity and diversity for decades. But they acknowledge they also have unchecked biases. They are there because they “know [they] are part of the problem, and want to be part of the solution,” as host Jess Campbell-Swanson says before dinner starts.

What the hay? They believe all whites are racist.

One of their targets says, “I want to hire people of color. Not because I want to be … a white savior. I have explored my need for validation … I’m working through that … Yeah. Um … I’m struggling,” she stutters, before finally giving up.

Across from Campbell-Swanson, Morgan Richards admits she recently did nothing when someone patronizingly commended her for adopting her two black children, as though she had saved them. “What I went through to be a mother, I didn’t care if they were black,” she says, opening a window for Rao to challenge her: “So, you admit it is stooping low to adopt a black child?” And Richards accepts that the undertone of her statement is racist.

And the confessions pour out from these pearl-clutching women.

The American flag makes Rao SICK

A lot of people hate Saira Rao.

“The American flag makes me sick,” read a recent tweet of hers, the woman who wants a job in Congress. Another: “White folks – before telling me that your Indian husband or wife or friend or colleague doesn’t agree with anything I say about racism or thinks I’m crazy, please Google ‘token,’ ‘internalized oppression’ and ‘gaslighting’.”

They always have a new gimmick to declare innocent people guilty of racism.

Maybe she should talk about black fragility, or better yet, why are we talking about skin color at all? It’s not a character trait and I don’t care what color a person’s skin is.

A ridiculous book by a racist leftist

She wasn’t always this confrontational, she says. Her “awakening” began recently.

I am pretty sure the $2500 dinners helped her awakening.

Then, fuelled by anger at Trump’s election after she’d campaigned tirelessly for Hillary Clinton, Rao ran for Congress in 2018 against a Democratic incumbent on an anti-racist manifesto, and criticized the “pink-pussy-hat-wearing” women of the Democratic party.

It’s that personality trait that led to Race for Dinner. Rao is done with affability. “I’d spent years trying to get through to white women with coffees and teas – massaging them, dealing with their tears, and I got nowhere. I thought, if nothing is going to work, let’s try to shake them awake.”

There’s more and you can read it at the far-far-left Guardian. People like this are destroying the United States. They’re WOKE, and making money with their nonsense.

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