US is buying CCP drones that send data to Beijing


A Chinese company, DJI Innovations – formerly Da Jiang Innovations Science –  is selling the most drones in the world. They also comply with any requests from Beijing for data, according to a report from The National Pulse.

The US Army banned its use in 2017 because of the obvious cyber vulnerabilities.

The office of U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Los Angeles sent a memo stating officials have “moderate confidence” DJI’s commercial drones and software are “providing US critical infrastructure and law enforcement data to the Chinese government.”

So, we’re buying them again.

Now, America is buying these drones again, giving the Chinese Communist Party yet another entry into U.S. federal infrastructure.

The reason could be the appointment of two Biden campaign officials who used to work for a consulting firm that lobbied for DJI.

Senior Spokesman for Biden Inaugural Committee Matt Hill, and Director of State Communication Meira Bernstein both lobbied for the country.

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1 year ago

Here’s a novel idea, why doesn’t American Companies produce Drones here? After all it’s our stolen technology.

1 year ago

Well, well, well. Biden satisfies the CCP’s demands of dropping the case against the Huawei executive fighting extradition from Canada. It’s all good.

Dali's Car
Dali's Car
1 year ago

China won’t need Milley Vanilli with all the backdoors in everything.
Courtesy of the CCP owned drooling Deep State dementia dotard.
Too bad so sad about the increasing prices of everything and more taxes Bidet voters but being rid of the bad orange tweets comes with a high cost.
Keep the empty nest and suburban back yard open so you can enjoy some enrichment courtesy of the replacements.

1 year ago

That means it can connect to a “network”, which then could gain access to other infrastructure.