US is “directing persecuted Afghans and high-value target allies into Taliban-controlled checkpoints’


Investigative reporter Lara Logan said today that “the United States is directing persecuted Afghans and high-value target allies into Taliban-controlled checkpoints.”  That should terrify you. It’s horrifying if true. This would be true evil.

Biden has insisted that as far as he knows, Americans are getting through the checkpoints. Everyone in the world knows that is not true. Americans are being turned away by the 82nd.

It’s also clear that Biden’s senior leadership is shipping out mostly anonymous Afghans and refused to get American citizens trapped by the Taliban. Other nations did, but the US would not.

Former DNI Ric Grennell said that the Taliban offered a deal to extend the deadline if Biden unfreezes the Afghan funds. The Taliban have hostages, thanks to Joe Biden and his senior leadership. Isn’t this treason?

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen froze $7 billion or more in Afghanistan assets when Kabul fell.

“Any Central Bank assets the Afghan government have in the United States will not be made available to the Taliban,” an administration official told FOX Business.

The Afghanistan Central Bank holds total assets of about $10 billion assets – $7 billion of which are stashed with the Federal Reserve Bank in New York.

We can see the palettes of cash and gold heading for terrorists as we speak, despite what they say.

Afghanistan is very dependent on USAID. Biden has already said he will give Afghanistan ‘humanitarian’ aid.

Apparently, the $83 billion in weaponry and the cash we left behind isn’t enough.

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