State Department ‘actively blocking’ US citizens extracted privately


There are numerous reports of the US State Department and Department of Defense “actively blocking the private extractions of Americans by private operators.”

They are allegedly asking other countries in the region not to accept any private aircraft carrying US citizens. It’s not only private aircraft. The citizens are being turned away at the airport generally.

This sounds like treason.

At the same time, they are quickly boarding anonymous Afghans and bringing them into the United States without vetting them.


Former Green Beret Rep. Mike Waltz (R-Fla.), says that American citizens are being turned away in Kabul. They are “being denied by the State Department after they’ve made it through multiple Taliban checkpoints.”

This is as the White House claims every effort is being made to bring Americans trapped in Afghanistan home.

One US rescue team brought US citizens and Afghan allies to the airport in Kabul and was turned away. A US military officer told them they had to turn around and go back. The rescue team did so and have since heard the people are in the hands of the Taliban.

This morning, we reported that the US military has stood in Glenn Beck’s way as he rescued Christian Afghans who are in grave danger.

The ShadowWarriors experienced similar problems. The US stood in their way.

A California woman with her credentials was forced to the back of the line where she was brutally beaten by the Taliban. She was brought there by a private group.

The most violent Afghanistan group, the Haqqani, are manning the gates.

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