US Is in a Hot War with Russia? But Let’s Only Watch Jack Teixeira!


So far, what we know about the leaker of the Pentagon war plans is that he is a 21-year-old National Air Force Guardsman named Jack Teixeira, who is so far charged with two counts of possessing classified documents. Don’t pay any attention to the revelations that the leaks contain about the US possibly being in a hot war with Russia illegally and Ukraine losing the war. Only look at the shiny object, Jack Teixeira. Don’t look at the alleged crimes he exposed.

Watch the shiny object, ignore the hot war!

Former CIA operative Buck Sexton tweeted that the evidence so far is “the alleged leaker shared classified  information that reveals hidden truths about the Ukraine war to the general public, instead of just sharing/showing secret stuff to his friends, and then it went wide release.”

The Left-wing MSM, who serve as mouthpieces for the intel agencies and the rest of the Biden government, are going wild with gossip that Teixeira is a racist and an anti-Semitic traitor.

Weaponizing Jack Teixeira

We have to be careful because we shouldn’t hurt Teixeira with gossip before a trial. That’s especially the case since the government plans to use him as a political weapon. They want to paint him as a right-wing, gun-crazed man who betrayed his country. The goal is to keep it up until the election.

The NY Times, The Washington Post, and other left-wing mouthpieces were out with much of the information before Mr. Teixeira was arrested. They were laying the groundwork and setting the stage. It’s clear where they are headed.

Otherwise, why were the news outlets given secret documents to look at? They don’t have clearance.

The Real Problem Goes Well Beyond Jack Teixeira

The real problem for the nation is the government’s lies and illegal actions.  The intel community is possibly trying to bury the truth using Teixeira as the distraction.

The US government claims it’s Russian disinformation, but if the documents are accurate, the Biden administration went to war illegally with a nuclear nation. If true, we have US troops engaged in a hot war.  Although the government says these special forces are in the embassy.

Furthermore, the documents show Gen. Austin possibly lied to Congress last week – while under oath.  He falsely claimed Russia is losing the war — if these documents are correct.

Additionally, Ukraine is losing the war. After translating foreign papers, it seems almost definite that one dead Russian for seven dead Ukrainians is about right.

And one more thing, according to the documents, we aren’t fighting for Ukraine and democracy. We are using Ukrainians to fight our war as we try to hold on to power.

Tucker’s Perspective

Tucker Carlson will suffer for what he said last night, but watch the clip below and see if you agree.

Tucker assumes these documents are accurate, but we don’t know yet. However, if it’s all accurate, you might agree with Tucker:

“The only person who will go to prison “is the air national guardsmen who leaked the slides that showed that Lloyd Austin was lying. He revealed the crimes. Therefore, he’s the criminal. That’s how Washington works.”

The truth is the sin:

“Telling the truth is the only real sin. Now, our news media exists and has constitutional protection precisely in order to push back against this grotesque standard. Their only job is to tell the truth, and yet, tonight, the news media are celebrating the capture of the kid who told Americans what’s actually happening in Ukraine. They are treating him like Osama bin Laden, maybe a little worse actually because, unlike al Qaeda,” they accuse this kid of being a racist.”

The media is describing the 21-year-old as power-hungry – a dangerous gun enthusiast. It’s not them who are hungry for power; it’s this 21-year-old.

Here’s more from Tucker:

“Federal law enforcement had to swing into action with unfamiliar speed and efficiency and apprehend him. He was that threatening. Now keep in mind… we still don’t know where Jeffrey Epstein got hundreds of millions of dollars. We have no idea, nor do we know, what he did for a living…we don’t know who left pipe bombs on Capitol Hill on January 6th, two of them… we don’t know who leaked the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe V Wade.”

But if you embarrass the administration, it’s prison for a long, long time:

“We can’t even say for certain who killed the president of the United States because, after 60 years, the Biden administration is still hiding thousands of pages of classified documents from the Kennedy assassination just as they are hiding more than a billion other classified documents. But tonight, we can say for dead certain, the kid who embarrassed Victoria Newland and Joe Biden, that kid is going to jail for a long, long time.”

The one thing I will say is this young man has no idea the wrath and deceit that will be laid on him by Merrick Garland and the rest of the intel community. Mr. Teixeira will be weaponized to attack Republicans, especially Donald Trump and his supporters. Most Republicans will likely let Democrats get away with it.


Elon Musk responded to Tucker’s monologue. He said, “The American public certainly needs to understand and our elected representatives must consent to our involvement.” Elon will be on Tucker’s show Monday night.

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