US Is Under Invasion, Canada Turns Fascist, BUT UKRAINE


As our southern border is flooded 24/7 with anonymous foreigners in a democrat-led invasion and as our neighbor to the North turns fascist, Joe Biden is very worried about Ukraine’s borders and sovereignty.

The US media ignores the border crisis completely and is vilifying the Canadian truckers. They falsely claim truckers are painting swastikas on public buildings, and want to overturn the government. There was no mention of the trampling of women and armed threats while pulling truckers from cabs.

The truth is that truckers put up signs to indicate TRUDEAU IS A NAZI. No one destroyed buildings.

Also, they don’t want to overturn the government. They just want to get rid of Trudeau and his fascist allies. To the Trudeauites, it’s the same thing.

The media is pulling the J6 insurrection card on truckers.

Joe Biden, the President of Ukraine, I mean the United States, a Great Reset proponent, is only worried about Ukraine.

He stated on Friday at a press conference that he is “convinced” the Russian forces plan to attack Ukraine “in the coming days.”

NATO’s worried about Zelensky leaving the country, Biden’s worried about Ukraine and NO ONE is worried about the USA

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will leave Ukraine this weekend and go to Germany, which has NATO allies worried. [NATO is the US]

“Allies of the 30-member alliance are reportedly worried that Russia could exploit the president’s absence as tension in Eastern Europe has reached a boiling point not seen in decades,” Fox News reported. “Zelenskyy, who is set to meet with Vice President Kamala Harris on Saturday, is expected to be a key target if Russia does successfully invade Kyiv.”

However, he might skip the Munich Security Conference and the meet up with Kamala Harris. Meeting with Harris for a photo-op is a complete waste of time. Why doesn’t she go to Ukraine?

NATO reports 150,000 troops are on the Ukraine border. They did not withdraw, and Russia is preparing to run ICBM practice drills on the border.

Denis Pushilin, head of the pro-Russian separatist government in the Donetsk region, released a statement Saturday announcing a full troop mobilization, according to The AP and AFP.

There were several conflicting reports circulated on Friday about possible explosions in Donetsk, Ukraine, where pro-Russian rebels were reportedly evacuating people to Russia, according to the Financial Times.

A US State Department spokesperson said earlier on Friday that the shelling in the area was a “false flag operation.” Ukraine’s foreign ministry spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko said in a statement that Kyiv is not planning any offensive in the eastern Ukraine region. He added: “We categorically reject attempts by Russia to aggravate the already tense security situation.”

The massive explosion rocked a gas pipeline in Ukraine late on Friday, according to Reuters:

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