US Middle Class to Pay Climate “Reparations” Worldwide?


As Americans suffer from inflation and a war no one should want, unelected climate dignitaries and world leaders head for the Egyptian resort town of Sharm-El-Sheikh in mid November for COP27. They will fly in their gas-guzzling private jets to solve the “climate crisis.” They will do it on the backs of the US and EU middle class.

The World Economic Forum, the fascistic and globalist Big Business alliance behind the Great Reset agenda, is publicly arguing that “climate reparations” must be “top of the agenda at COP27.”

The questions to be resolved at COP27 are focused on how much money governments must extract from the struggling middle classes of the “developed” world to bribe “developing country” governments and kleptocrats.  “Climate” is the new Covid. Freedom is in danger.

The World dictatorships are demanding reparations in the trillions of dollars for floods, droughts, rain, snow, anything they can falsely blame on so-called rich nations.

“By 2050, the economic cost of loss and damage in developing countries is estimated to be between $1-1.8 trillion,” WEF “expert” and propagandist Abhinav Chugh wrote on the increasingly controversial organization’s website. He grabbed that figure out of his magic hat. There is no proof tying all this together, but COP27 will pretend there is.


A group of largely corrupt governments styling itself the “Alliance of Small Island States” (AOSIS) is demanding that taxpayers in wealthier countries hand over huge sums for a “response fund” that will help “climate victims recover from the loss and damage caused by present and future climate shocks,” according to the WEF.

This “Alliance” will be backed by the largest group of governments and dictatorships within the UN system. Known as the G77 + China, the alliance represents about two thirds of the UN’s member governments. And it is openly seeking to turn the UN into an “emblem of global sovereignty.”

COP27’s goal is to put the UN in charge of the world, period.


Speaking at the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, Biden administration “climate” Czar John Kerry indicated a willingness to fork over huge sums of American tax dollars to the UN and its member governments, though he did not offer a specific figure. “We’re very concerned about the impacts of climate on all of these countries,” Special Climate Envoy Kerry explained at the globalist institution, pointing to nations dealing with natural disasters while pretending that these were caused by Americans’ SUVs and power plants.

Former traitor Kerry couldn’t be further left.

Kerry’s appearance on Tuesday at the [Deep State] Council on Foreign Relations addressed the U.S. position on “loss and damage” at COP27, Axios reports.

  • “Loss and damage” refers to industrialized countries agreeing to pay developing nations for the impacts of climate change that go beyond adaptation limits.
  • The U.S. and EU have signaled a willingness to discuss the topic at COP27 but resistance to a specific fund.
  • Kerry was careful not to commit to a specific funding mechanism at COP27, but rather to a continuing dialogue through 2023 and possibly 2024.

According to Axios, the US is saying: “We’re very concerned about the impacts of climate on all of these countries,” Kerry said of the developing nations, such as flood-ravaged Pakistan, seeking financial support in response to major climate disasters.

Kerry is blaming the US and EU for all climate catastrophes in every terror nation, every communist nation, in all authoritarian nations. He wants the middle class in the USA to pay for it.

COP27 is dangerous. These unelected bureaucrats have tremendous power in the Democrat Party.

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4 months ago

And how much will China and India be contributing to this fund? I know climate change is a scam but I’m sick and tired of leftist heaping all the ills of the world on the west. They’re wrong but playing Devil’s Advocate here if a company decides to go forward with some kind of facility in the West not only are they subject to restrictive regulations and laws meaning any new factory, power plant, refinery, etc if it is even built in a western nation is going to be cleaner and “greener” than anything built in India or China where they don’t give a shit. Seriously playing Devil’s Advice and assuming that CO2 isn’t essentially plant food (and as plant food the earth has feedback mechanisms to maintain some kind of balance that as CO2 increases the earth gets greener and more plants grow and this counteracts the doomsday BS the left keeps getting wrong but I digress) then the worst offenders today of cranking out CO2 aren’t the US and Europe who are literally shooting themselves in the foot with their adoptions of “renewables” which are inadequate to meet their energy needs but China and India who crank out coal fired plant on top of coal fire plant and don’t get the same scrutiny leveled at them that the West does and the whole thing is laughable.

4 months ago

I have news for the Joke Kerry’s of the world, the climate has been changing since GOD created our planet. It will continue to change just like it has over the centuries because GOD made the planet to clean itself just like we spring clean ever year. Out planet does this over decades. There is no climate crises like the supposed COP would like you to believe. Wake up America before it’s to late.

4 months ago

What the Climate Change Hoax is really about is huge International Corporations can’t get insurance and must self insure. The Climate Change Hoax is a scheme by with these giant corporations can lay the cost of rebuilding after a disaster on the Middle Class because the Ultra-Rich think they are some kind of Nobility. America doesn’t have Nobility. If you can manage you business, you go out of business, that’s the American way. No Business and No Government is too big to FAIL.

4 months ago

Just another scheme of siphoning money to the already wealthy. Since they are incapable of starting and running a business they use these methods of collecting money for themselves. This is how they determine democracy.

What have they done to actually improve the lives of those in third-world countries. At most the third-world may get minimal subsistence in food shipments, but little else. Nothing is ever done to make them self-sufficient. I suspect that is why Russia and China are condemned worldwide. For all their faults they are working to improve the lives of those countries, creating industries and developing local resources. A report of one country had China build electric infrastructure covering the entire nation. When has the West ever considered such goals. Instead, the West seems to prefer keeping the third-world in their current situation. Multipolarity may be the answer for those nations.

d simpson
d simpson
4 months ago
Reply to  Greg

I guess you didn’t know that China has all sorts of strings attached to the loans they make to countries to build those large projects. Including a LOT of debt.

It’s China’s modern way of taking over a country. They’re active here in the USA for the same reason, yet a totally different approach.

The US sold much of their debt TO China while simultaneously allowing the YUGE trade deficit that Trump eliminated with tariffs. THAT was not part of the deal.

Ever wonder why China would have so much interest in the 2020 election? Connect the dots. The middle class WAS paying China who used part of the trade deficit to buy T-bills. Buying our debt made China a LOT of money, intelligence, and power, while making them trillions more than they ever spent on T-bills.

It didn’t cost China a dime until Trump. Orange Man bad. He had to go.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
4 months ago

Does anyone else Remember supporting CARE packages to help rebuilding folks in Europe after WW2? and then in other places?
How many know of the great worldwide work of organisations like the many chapters of Rotary International?
We have been a generous people and love to help, but we are a free people that don’t want to be taxed by the elite to do someone else’s idea of charity, especially since most of the money will just go to other rich people.
Vote for freedom November 8th.

And please thank Maureen Dowling for all the hard work she has done to keep us informed 7 days a week. What a special person she has been for us.