US Olympic Committee to allow raised fists, kneeling during the anthem


The U.S. Olympic Athletic Committee will allow the athletes to raise fists and kneel before the world while our National Anthem is playing. Such actions show hatred and disrespect for the country. These actions are symbolic of the Communist Black Lives Matter movement.

Initially, back in December, the USOPC appeared to be opposed to “divisive demonstrations,” but instead, in the new guidelines, the committee simply requires that all protests have the goal of “advancing racial and social justice; or promoting the human dignity of individuals or groups that have historically been underrepresented, minoritized, or marginalized in their respective societal context.”

We all want blacks to have justice, but that’s not what’s going on here. It’s not really about blacks who already have all the opportunities afforded whites. It’s about neo-Marxism.

They’ve politicized the Olympics. Fine, who needs the Olympics?

Athletes will be allowed to raise their fists or kneel during the national anthem, and athletes will be allowed to wear “hats or face masks” with specific political phrases like “Black Lives Matter,” or words like “equality” or “justice.”

Athletes are prevented from wearing any recognized hate symbol and cannot protest by impeding the field of play or by causing trouble for other athletes during competition.

Black Lives Matter is an anti-police hate group.

While many on the political left and in the mainstream media have been supportive of athletes protesting the national anthem, the issue remains a divisive one for most Americans. Tuning in for a break from politics to watch their favorites teams only to see political messaging and national anthem protests has actually caused many to tune out instead.

It seems the Left has infiltrated the USOPC too. They are ruining everything they touch and are currently ruining sports one at a time.

NBA ratings have especially suffered since the league changed its rules to allow for national anthem protests.

Realizing the divisive nature of allowing such protests, the Olympic committee warned athletes that they will not be held responsible for any losses to endorsements or income if athletes do choose to protest.

The NBA and the NFL have suffered from caving to pressure from this and other radical hard-Left groups.

If they aren’t proud to represent their country, why are they even there?

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