Chinese Communist Party Funds US Progressives


American progressives have become a vehicle for the Chinese communist party, Maoists, to push their propaganda in the United States. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been poured into groups in the United States like code pink, Kirsten Synema’s group.

Surprisingly, the New York Times uncovered this information. A global web of Chinese propaganda leads to a tech mogul named Neville Roy Singham.

The priorities of the progressives and the Maoists of China are so much the same that even the New York Times is revealing this information.

The Times writes:

On the surface, No Cold War is a loose collective run mostly by American and British activists who say the West’s rhetoric against China has distracted from issues like climate change and racial injustice.

“In fact, a New York Times investigation found it is part of a lavishly funded influence campaign that defends China and pushes its propaganda. At the center is a charismatic American millionaire, Neville Roy Singham, who is known as a socialist benefactor of far-left causes.

”What is less known, and is hidden amid a tangle of nonprofit groups and shell companies, is that Mr. Singham works closely with the Chinese government media machine and is financing its propaganda worldwide.

Kyrsten Sinema, campaigning for the Senate in her Code Pink outfit.
Singham is married to a radical activist:

“From a think tank in Massachusetts to an event space in Manhattan, from a political party in South Africa to news organizations in India and Brazil, The Times tracked hundreds of millions of dollars to groups linked to Mr. Singham that mix progressive advocacy with Chinese government talking points.

“Some, like No Cold War, popped up in recent years. Others, like the American antiwar group Code Pink, have morphed over time. Code Pink once criticized China’s rights record but now defends its internment of the predominantly Muslim Uyghurs, which human rights experts have labeled a crime against humanity.

“These groups are funded through American nonprofits flush with at least $275 million in donations.

They’re in the university again, something Joe Biden allowed after Donald Trump banned them:

“But Mr. Singham, 69, himself sits in Shanghai, where one outlet in his network is co-producing a YouTube show financed in part by the city’s propaganda department. Two others are working with a Chinese university to “spread China’s voice to the world.” And last month, Mr. Singham joined a Communist Party workshop about promoting the party internationally.”

No Cold War and Code Pink are only two of hundreds:

‘No Cold War’ allegedly fights climate change and racial injustice, but it is actually a campaign to defend China and spread its propaganda.

Code Pink used to defend against China; now, it defends enslaving Uighurs.

Singham married radical Jody Evans, a former Democrat political adviser and co-founder of Code Pink. People like Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry’s are involved in their nonprofit, which funds these pro-CCP activities.

The Chinese fund hundreds of groups in this country, including climate groups. In 2020, Newsweek reported that they knew of 600 groups funded by the Chinese Communist Party. They also noted that they fund Black Lives Matter.

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