US Tax Dollars Go to Destroy Indigenous Tribes


Recently Todd Bensman described the illicit use of tax dollars that we give to the UN. Some of that money goes to exorbitantly fund UN-backed debit cards, plane tickets, and income for people to come illegally to the United States from all over the world.

This is with the explicit intention of destroying the US as we know it by infusing different cultures and values until we no longer exist.

Todd Bensman of also explained that the Biden ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy is one massive failure due to loopholes. The Biden DHS under Alejandro Mayorkas won’t deport people who say they are afraid to go to Mexico, who don’t speak Spanish, who are from certain countries. They’re sending almost no one back. The court mandated the reinstatement of the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy but they didn’t say how.

The largest number of migrants ever have traveled through the Panama Darien Gap under Biden-Mayorkas — that includes people from terrorist countries, Haiti, Africa. One bit of collateral damage to our destruction is that it is seriously harming the Indigenous Indians.

It is absolutely corrupting their culture. The men are making money from the drugs and migration. As a result, they just lay around drinking and drugging out, not planting. The illegal aliens are stripping the crops that are planted and they are polluting the water with excrement.

The Chief of 25 tribes said his people are being destroyed. The same thing is happening to the United States and that is deliberate.

This is what is happening in our country. They are polluting, getting teens and gangs involved in drugs that are destroying us, and they are obliterating and devolving the culture of the United States. In one month, the equivalent of the population of Knoxville, Tennessee crossed our borders.

Make no mistake, the people doing this are very clever and they hate us. The goal is to destroy us.

Watch the full video here and watch the discussion of debit cards, but here’s a clip about the tribe:

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