Staggering Consequences of Biden’s Failure as We Fund the End of the USA


US taxpayers are funding UN-supported ‘Money Cards’ and ‘Hard Cash’ for ‘repeat border crossers’ in Mexico. As we reported, along with The Federalist and Sara Carter, Todd Bensman, of Center for Immigration Studies, on one of his trips to Reynosa, Mexico’s migrant camp, he secured photo documentation of a United Nations-supported International Organization for Migration (IOM) handing out the money.

They also get free plane tickets to fly anywhere in the United States.

Repeat border crossers are people we have deported over and over for good reasons. They’re often criminals and they certainly are committing felonies by repeatedly crossing our borders.

“One of two workers at a plastic folding table inside the Reynosa camp, which was filled to capacity with at least 1,200 mostly U.S.-expelled Central Americans, said they were distributing the cards for IOM to help migrants waiting until they cross the Rio Grande at greater leisure to claim asylum, for which most will be declared ineligible years later. Many parents, for instance, got about $400 every 15 days, I was told, or $800 a month if they were still there to collect it, although the support level varied,” Bensman wrote.

This has been confirmed.


Governor Abbott is building a wall in Texas at state expense. He’s able to do it because the ranchers are so fed up and deeply concerned that they are donating borderland to Texas to build the wall. This is unprecedented by any state to secure the border and to protect the sovereignty of the state and the nation because Joe Biden will not.

“The consequences of Biden’s failure to do his job are staggering.” There were 2.1 million caught this year. They are coming from more than 150 countries across the globe, including countries hostile to our country. That doesn’t count all those who were not caught.

This is an important message from the governor as he reviews the sex trafficking of children, the amount of fentanyl and the deaths Joe Biden has “facilitated.” Gang members and cartels are responsible.

The wall is only one prong of a multi-prong strategy.

Unfortunately, illegal aliens can still pour into Arizona and California with cartels since those governors have failed to act.


They Hate Us

Bensman admits “when I took the photos, I wasn’t exactly sure of exactly what I was seeing in Reynosa.” But, he continues, “here’s what I have learned since: The money card is confirmed beyond doubt, but also ‘hard cash in envelopes’ and ‘movement assistance’; and an online IOM ‘Emergency Manual’ describes what I saw as part of a program it terms ‘Cash-Based Interventions,’ or CBIs.”

There is no doubt.

Who would do this? Take our money and use it to destroy us? Greedy people, people who hate us, disloyal Americans, traitors? You decide, but don’t think it’s to help the poor immigrants. None of this shows concern. Immigrants are being killed and harmed all along the way and are used by the cartels once they get here.


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2 years ago

The “rot” of the enemy within has turned into “gangrene” and the stench is killing patriots…

Mad Celt
Mad Celt
2 years ago

At least there are no more mean twits, err, tweets.

2 years ago

All I want to know is when The People are going to force the Federal Government to stay with the Limit’s of it’s Enumerated Powers and Cut Off the Money Supply. Prior to the 16th Amendment, the Federal Government as 4% of the GDP. Today it’s over 33%. That’s the number one PROBLEM!