US Taxpayer Paid $3.4M to Have FBI Censor Them, 2/3rds Want New Laws


Twitter Files #7 was released earlier today. The latest files showed how deeply involved the FBI was in censoring Americans using social media. They reveal “an organized effort by intelligence community representatives” to discredit leaks about Hunter Biden “before and after” their publication. Remember, the FBI had the Hunter laptop and was spying on Rudy Giuliani.

The files also show the FBI and DHS rigged the election.

How corrupt is it to censor Americans with their own money? Not only did they pay them, but they also paid them a lot of money.

The FBI paid off Twitter for their time and effort in censoring and spying on Americans, and they did it with US taxpayer dollars, to the tune of $3.4M.

The government can’t legally censor Americans, and they can’t censor by proxy. It’s still censorship. The First Amendment is our sacred right. If we lose that, all of the Bill of Rights will fall.

Let’s not forget the tabletop exercise.


The New York Times, WaPo, NBC News, NPR, et al acted as the lapdogs of the intelligence agency. They are pathetic.

The FBI ensured that a famous Stanford doctor was blacklisted on Twitter. How much proof do people need before they realize the COVID hysteria was a controlled narrative to meet their political agenda? They were willing to trample on peoples’ rights without a moment’s hesitation.

The December Harvard CAPS / Harris Poll is out this week, and Mark Penn and his colleagues have some interesting results to share. Despite the refusal of many in the media to cover the Twitter files, nearly two-thirds of voters believe Twitter shadow-banned users and engaged in political censorship during the 2020 election. Seventy percent of voters want new national laws protecting users from corporate censorship.

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