US Taxpayers Will Pay for Lawyers for Illegal Aliens


No sooner did lawbreaker Secretary Mayorkas proudly proclaim he transformed immigration law by breaking it when President Brandon announced a new taxpayer-funded program to provide legal services to illegal aliens violating our laws at the invitation of Democrats.

Free lawyers who will provide direct services is yet another invitation to break our laws.

The new federal program, first reported by Axios, empowers private contractors working for the Department of Homeland Security to provide extensive legal assistance to those crossing illegally from Mexico at border stations in Arizona, California, and Texas.

We are paying for our own demise. These are Democrat communist voters pouring in from all over the world. The Left is telling them not to assimilate. Their children will likely end up in schools that teach racist CRT and fake 1619 history.

It will be for migrants attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, those in Border Patrol custody, in the [Remain in Mexico] program, or who may be enrolled in [Remain in Mexico] or otherwise placed in deportation proceedings, according to the published documents on

The truth is Brandon isn’t following the Remain in Mexico policy. He is ignoring the court order to do so.

Increasing migrant access to legal services has long been a goal of the administration. While the new Legal Access at the Border (LAB) program will help prepare migrants for the immigration legal process, it will not directly provide them attorneys. …

Contractors will explain the migrants’ options for staying in the U.S. while deportation orders are pending, as well as general immigration court practices and procedures.

They are not migrants or economic migrants who come with green cards. They are illegal aliens coming to destroy the USA as we know it.



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